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Techno Gangster Groove: Lilith



Caroline Arends, more commonly recognisable as Lilith, is a growing force amongst the emerging house and techno acts of today. Hailing from Amsterdam, Lilith has already held down a residency at Studio 80 in Amsterdam, a club infamous for its policy on booking up and coming talents, as well as appearances at some of Europe’s most recognisable institutions. Having played alongside the likes of Jeff Mills, Dennis Ferrer and Tobi Neumann, Lilith already has a quite considerable glow to her CV. With the release of her “Lagrimas Del Sol” album, in collaboration with David Gtronic, and appearances at some exciting events, her fame looks set to increase exponentially over the coming year.

This weekend she plays alongside a:rpia:r’s Priku at Hoxton Basement for Rhythmatic, a night that firmly adheres to its principle of maintaining a heavy weighting on its music policy above all else. Through sidestepping well-acclaimed celebrity artists, Rhythmatic’s musical foundations forge a path for all of the other elements of a good party to blossom.

In anticipation for her set in London this weekend at Rhythmatic in Hoxton Basement, DT gleaned an insight into the past, present and future of rising Dutch star Lilith.

Hi Lilith, thanks for taking time out for a chat with us. It’s always interesting to hear how artists enter the industry. How did you end up in electronic music ?

I kinda fell into electronic music in the early 2000’s, after first working with Hip Hop – which I’m still influenced by till this day – making what I call the “Techno Gangsta Groove” productions.  I was running my own little boutique store at the time, selling clothes, and everyday before I would open my shop, I’d practice with vinyl using my former boyfriend’s gear. At my lunch break, I’d always go to a vinyl store next door to check out new releases. My love for music became stronger than my love for fashion, so at some point I decided to pursue music and turn that passion into my full time job. It felt as if the universe “pushed” me in this direction and all I did was follow the lead, which became my path, my dream and that’s how everything fell into place.

How did the name “Lilith” come about?

In Jewish mythology, Lilith was said to be Adam’s wife (move over Eve). There is a common belief that she was purposefully removed from scripture. Lilith left her husband as she felt too constrained and subservient to him, Lilith refused to consider herself anything besides equal to Adam – and it’s that same desire to be individual and different that drives me.  The meaning of Lilith – belonging to the night!

You’re playing Rhythmatic this month and We Are Fstvl next month. What are the pros and cons of intimate nights like Rhythmatic?

I only see pro’s in doing both. I love a small party in an intimate setting as much as I love playing to a few thousand people… I don’t discriminate based on size! haha. Look, I don’t want to sound politically correct, but to me both gigs are equally as important. It’s kinda like choosing between an ice cream and a steak LOL. The most important thing is to get the crowd to “feel the love” so to speak, the love I have for this craft and for music in general. And if I succeed at it, they’ll give back and that is all any performer can ask for, no?

Will you be playing back to back with Priku at the Rhythmatic night?

If the “DJ chemistry” is there, I’ll def be on board. I am very much looking forward to meeting Priku. I am a big fan of his productions and DJ sets and I hope the feeling is mutual LOL

But if you ask me, these b2b things should happen naturally or not at all, especially when the two have never met before. I’m not saying it’s impossible though.

What’s been the most enjoyable back-to-back set that you’ve played?

OK, since you’ve asked Kerri Chandler at Café D’Anvers (BE) was a crazy spontaneous b2b session (I think it was in early 2012). But the most memorable “combo” was with Dennis Ferrer at Mysteryland (NL) last year. It was raining cats and dogs and it’s an outdoor event, you see… Oh boy, it had all the makings of a disaster but turned out to be so much fun! But I’ve met Dennis many times and we have played b2b before Mysteryland, so we weren’t strangers. Granted, I’m more drum-driven whereas he’s more melody and baseline-driven, at the end it was mad fun. I think when two people play b2b they shouldn’t necessarily sound like one person. I think it’s more fun if they sound like a person with a multiple personality disorder, sometimes those personalities live in harmony and other times it’s a mess. But who wants perfect? Perfect is boring.

Aside from Rhythmatic and We Are Fstl, what have you got in store for 2013 production and performance wise?

Gigging around Europe to promote my new “Lagrimas del Sol” album that I did in collaboration with David Gtronic, out on Art of Dark mid-May. Then there’s an EP I did for Mr Ferrer’s Objektivity imprint that should come out this year. Another EP on Moscow Records and my collaborative track with P.Jones on Novus.

With regard to performances, We Are Fstvl, Vertigo Festival, Queensday Objektivity showcase at Studio 80 in Amsterdam. I also have to ask my agent J, I’m actually very excited about this party I’ll be doing with a couple of cool peeps called RoundaBaut, it’s on May 5th in BAUT, Amsterdam, with a crazy line-up. Come party with me if you’re in the neighbourhood!

To catch Lilith’s high-octane groove fuelled DJ set head over to Hoxton Basement this Saturday 13 April where she’ll be playing alongside a:rpia:r’s freshest talent Priku for Rhythmatic. At a time when arguments for and against well-healed women on the electronic circuit are rife, DT will be heading down to Rhythmatic to draw our own conclusions based on her set rather than how well she accessorises. Grab a ticket by clicking here


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