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Tauron Nowa Muzyka Festival bring you more



With all the previous announcements from Tauron Nowa Muzyka Festival you would be forgiven for thinking that they could not do any better, but they are just pouring even more talent into the mix! With three more brilliant acts being announced its clear to see that this will be one of the festivals biggest years to date!

This will be Amon Tobin’s third visit to the festival this year but the first under his latest stage alter-ego Two Fingers. If his past sets are anything to go by this is something not to miss! Back in 2007 he absolutely smashed it with his two hour long DJ set left everyone gathered by the main stage, begging for more. Then in 2011 he turned up with an entire truck filled up with technical gear, laser lights and gigantic stage set up! With all this in the past what will he be bringing us in the future? There is only one way to be sure and that is being there! Apart from that there are more names that have been added one being the great entertainer and one of the latest additions to Merok Records roster Deptford Goth. The name might give you a subtle hint that he’s into the slightly darker parts of modern electronic music, but that’s not entirely true. It is more a mixture of modern melancholic R&B which bares some resemblence to James Blake and Jamie Woon, some quotes from classical blues tracks, house music rhythms of the late 80’s and his amazing vocals. Deptford Goth has just released his debut LP entitled ‘Life After Defo’, which has received some great reviews worldwide and is a strong contender to be on the shortlist of Best LP of 2013. This will be his Poland debut so expect him to be coming all guns blazing pulling everything out of his arsenal to entertain the crowd, A MUST SEE. Also announced is a bit of home-grown talent for the festival in the form of polish duo UL/KR, who are a highlight of the new young generation of polish electronic scene. With their 2012 debut LP ‘Ament’ which fast became the big hitting success album in Poland and enchanting everyone from music press critics to fellow musicians, which even got airtime on most mainstream radio stations, this definitely deserves a listen! With this and all the previous announcements this festival is a must for all electronic music lovers

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