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In The Studio With… Rudimental



Famously from London’s often maligned borough of Hackney, conversation turns to the multiculturalism  of the area and whether or not that has had a profound impact on their music to which Kesi assures me the answer is a resounding yes. “Definitely man. We’re all from different backgrounds but that is what Hackney is all about. It’s about diversity and I really hope that shines through in our music. Everyone has differences but we all have things in common and we should celebrate both as it makes the world for a much happier place.”  Speaking of how they all met Kesi describes the bands relationship and origins as essentially a group of positive minded friends.  “Leon and Piers grew up on the same road and have known each other since nursery and then I met them through football which is the second passion behind music of all of us at Rudimental! So we lived in the same area and knew each other from childhood. Then we met Amir a few years back and that was just the final piece of the puzzle because as soon as we worked with him in the studio on a few remixes we just knew that there was something there. He joined and the rest is history…” Continuing on the theme of East London Kesi continues “It’s nice to see the area being represented in the media for the right reasons. If we can inspire people to go and do their best to try and achieve their goals then that’s great.”

With such an attitude to use their music as a vehicle for such positive ends it is little wonder Bacardi turned to the foursome as mentors for this years Beginnings series and it was an opportunity that they were eager to take “When we met up with Bipolar at short while back we instantly took to his style and thought ‘here is an artists with a different style who could be really interesting’ and then one thing led to another and now we’re in the studio, half way through the day and so far it’s going really well. The vibe and energy have been great. I’m really looking forward to seeing how it turns out at the end of the day.”

The day has indeed been going well and despite the heat production grooves on and we’re hearing an increasing number of Rudimental’s many influences permeate the record  as Kesi explains that it is this same layering of genres that goes into Rudimental’s classically eclectic style “As I said before we’ve all got different tastes. Me and Amir have always enjoyed hip hop whilst Leon brings more of a house vibe via his Djing and Piers has been playing soul and blues from a young age.”  With so much live instrumentation going on in the studio, much more than I’d previously envisioned I ask Kesi whether the live aspect of their abilities would see them playing more as a live show than some of their D&B laced productions would suggest. “Well we do love playing DJ sets and had a great time in Croatia last week for Hideout but for us live instruments is where it is at. We love playing live and hopefully that is something we can continue to expand as essentially we’re a band. An unconventional band but a band nonetheless and that is the way we’ll continue to work. You’ve seen us in the studio so you’ve seen how our recording sessions work. It’s not really a laptop vibe!”

Another thing that has always intrigued me is how they came to be known as Rudimental, considering the term means basic it seems an odd choice as their music is anything but with Kesi explaining that it was a chance encounter with a music manual years ago that conjured the groups moniker. “When I used to go to piano lessons as a kid, there was a theory book, which was called “The Book of Rudiments” The name “rudiments” stuck in my head.  Then years later Rudiments didn’t work for more than one person so Rudimental fitted best and there it was!” 

So with the track built I ask Kesi what can expect next from the quartet and he responds in typically warm fashion “Lots man. We’ll be keeping busy with a series of festival and tour dates and upcoming material.  So watch this space!”

With the track mastered and finished, the testing process ended with their energetic performance to a packed, rapturous crowd of adoring fans over at Waterloo as Rudimental’s Amir Amor reflected “We loved working with Bipolar Sunshine – he works quickly, like we do, so the process just flowed. He’s a wicked lyricist, his ideas for the topic of the song basically dictated and inspired the direction “Distance” went.  We hope this BACARDÍ Beginnings project gives him the recognition he deserves and we hope that we can work together in the future.”

To follow the entire BACARDÍ Beginnings campaign, go to www.bacardibeginnings.com

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