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Stockholm Syndrome: Dismantle



How did your relationship with Skream and Benga start? 

Kutz and N Type were playing my music first and sending it about and I got a text from my mate in March 2011 saying “Mate have you seen that video with Skream and Benga dropping your tune?” they were in America and played ‘Computation’ at a festival, the crowd went mental and so they played it again. I did a mini mix for them for their Radio 1 show and then when festival season started I met up with Skream and people were like “Oh you’re a mini Skream”. He likes a little drink so we just ended up partying quite a bit and then we just kept in contact. Everyone is just like a group of mates, looking out for each other and supporting new music, they’ve always supported my music so they really helped me in a big way, at the end of the day everyone is in the same circle so big up to them.

Tell me about your craziest night out with them…

With Benga it was probably for his first Benga live show. It was Me, AlunaGeorge and Benga and we went to Benga’s house afterwards. The champers came out and we weren’t actually meant to go back there so he got really angry and ended up hitting someone. I don’t know if I was meant to say that but fuck it. That was quite funny, but with Skream it was probably when I first met him at Bestival 2011. I ended up staying on the Magnetic Man bus for two days just partying with them. I think that’s when I got coined with the Mini Skream term when we were both fucking out of it, chatting shit. Then at Warehouse Project, in Manchester last year, where I ended up on the Magnetic Man bus once again and the bus started moving and I was like “Where we going?” and they were “We’re going to Bournemouth, are you getting off or staying?” and I was like “Fuck it” so ended up with Pokes watching Deathproof, just drinking beers and eating sausage sandwiches. I had a flight to Australia in 12 hours so I had to get a train back to Brighton and pack my bags.

Who do you think is the most hardcore out of all of them?

Skream or Pokes. I’d have to say Skream but Pokes slyly. Pokes doesn’t have the public eye party image but he goes in. Jackmaster likes a party as well, at Bestival last year, there was me, Jackmaster, Skream, Krystal Klear, Skream’s friend Mem, who’s an absolute diamond. Jackmaster and Krystal Klear went on the Ferris wheel but they got kicked off, we were just walking around the festival with people coming up to Skream asking why he’s not making tracks and he was like “Mate, I’m lucky to be alive at the moment so don’t tell me to make tracks”.  It was such a fun day and then we went to watch Stevie Wonder.

Talk to us about your relationship with Jackmaster…

He’s a character, he’s a cool down to earth guy and he’s one of my favourite DJs. He’s such a music head, his music knowledge is unreal. He pulls out some things you would never guess and the way he DJ’s is out of this world, I don’t know if he’s ever put his hand to producing but he doesn’t need to. People like him and Oneman are so important to the UK scene. He’s a really cool guy and he’s good fun.

Do you ever think about the party side of it and how long is it going to last for?

Always. I don’t want to be doing this when I’m 30. A party is a party, I always went to festivals with my mates so it’s not like as soon as I got into music I put on this image. I like to have a drink and I see it as just having fun with your friends. Obviously this is what I’ve always wanted to be doing so I’m just treating it like it could be worse, I could be sat in a dead end job or working so hard I wouldn’t even want to go out at the weekend. I’m just having fun, I want to look back in a few years time and think I had as much fun as I could and I lived life to the fullest.

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