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Stefano Esposito – Jump Around


esposito.jpgLabel: Definition:MusicScore: 8/10 

The Swiss-based imprint Definition:Music, ran by Dimitri Schnider and Akin Oender, has put its hand to numerous house music delicacies over the past few years, with myriad renowned artists from the world of underground house doing their thing. Much like all excellent label managers and A&R heads the world over, Schnider is evidently a man who knows a thing or two about talent when he sees it, and the capturing of their latest signing, Stefano Esposito, already looks like an accomplished one.

His Jump Around EP makes for a fine start to his time at the imprint, as the protagonist (and indeed, one Jordan Peak), do no harm to their burgeoning reputations whatsoever. ”Jump Around” itself lifts the lid on the EP and gets us underway, doing so in a charming and effective fashion that’s been carefully drilled for the floor. If it’s almost unerring and throughly crazy fare you’re after, this one is sure to do a job.

Next up is ”Mad Mama’s Blues”. Esposito’s liking for a canny sample is duly expressed here, as he introduces us to the more human and synthetic side of his musical fabric. Screaming, urban vocals provide a menacing touch, but it’s the groove-soaked bassline that’s the wins most of the plaudits here. ”Crumbs” goes deeper than the ocean next, with the action ratcheted down a notch or two which improves the package and gives someone listening to the whole EP a sense of respite from the relentless beats. The closing effort sees the aforementioned Peak turn in a more than solid remix of ”Crumbs”; turning the original on its head and featuring a killer bassline that really grabs the listener. All in all a great debut from Mr. Esposito and we’re sure discerning lovers of house music will lap this one up in their droves.



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