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Joshua Steele, known better to you and me as Flux Pavilion, dubstep DJ and co-founder of Circus Records has had a busy couple of years, being featured in the radio 1 A list, cracking the mainstream chart with ‘Bass Cannon’ and being sampled by hip hop royalty. So we grabbed a chance to get a quick word with the young man from Towcaster to find out his inspirations, future plans and just exactly what happened with the LAPD…

You’re well known for being somewhat of a multi-instrumentalist. Can you explain what attracted you to the dubstep genre more than any other?

I think it’s because it struck me as being completely fresh and open to interpretation. It was the first time I think I actually felt like a part of something that was happening right now, not just emulating music that I loved from the past.

How do you  think the scene changed since the early days and where do you see it going next?

In regards to mentality I don’t think it’s really changed much.  It’s always been about passion for me and if anything these days I’m just seeing more passion for music, rather than people trying to be ‘big’

You’re known as one of early purveyors of the hard and aggressive style of dubstep sometimes termed brostep… Did you try to offer anything a little outside the box on Blow The Roof EP?

Blow the Roof for me is a much larger project, giving me a great opportunity to stretch out a little bit and try out something new. I suppose I’m trying to be ‘outside the box’ really, just write music that feels good.

How did the ‘I Can’t Stop’ sample on Jay Z & Kanye’s Watch The Throne album come about and how did it feel to be sampled by such heavyweights in Hip Hop?

Obviously it was a pretty great feeling to be sampled by those guys – even more so because it’s a part of such a killer album! I’m a pretty big hip hop fan and so it’s definitely a massive achievement for me.

2012 was certainly a massive one for you with the playing of Coachella and a string of other festivals across the world but what was your personal highlight?

The sold out show at Red Rocks was phenomenal, and they even gave me a piece of the rock as a trophy!

Tell us about what happened in Santa Monica with the LAPD…

Well to cut a long story short, we gave away 1200 tickets and over 3000 people turned up. A riot squad got involved and it was all over the news. I got to play for 30 minutes which was great, but it sucks for the people who managed to get tickets and didn’t get in.

You worked with Sway and P Money on the new  EP. How was this and do you intend to do more collaborations with MCs and vocalists?

I love working with other people, it’s really inspiring to hear someone else’s take on the track. I’m always looking to collaborate, but it just depends on who is around at the time.

The production on the EP definitely sounds a lot more three dimensional with more sound diversity, was this a conscious move?

Haha, I’m not completely sure what that means, but it sounds like a good thing!

Will you be hitting us with a full length album this year or are you far too hectic to be getting back in the studio anytime soon?

This 8 track EP is essentially my album. It contains the material I would want to include on the album, and I don’t see the point in releasing an album further down the line and just including my previously released material. I’d rather this EP work and then be free to move on.

What are you most excited about on your 2013 schedule?

Electric Zoo in NY was awesome last year, that should be pretty cool.

Any artist recommendations that we should be keeping an eye on this year?

Brown and Gammon are definitely ones to watch out for.


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