This weeks new talent appears in the mysteriously named form of Squarehead and although the Pets Recording and Wolf Music singing was gaining plenty of attention from us industry types in the tail end of 2012 where convinced the best is yet to come from the young man from Sheffield and fully expect him to become a firm fixture on many an end of year lists come the end of the 2013 festival season From Brighton’s Audio to Croatia’s Love System Festival. Square in name but certainly not in nature…

Firstly I have to ask about the name. If you type Squarehead into google it gives you 2 definitions. These being a stupid or inept person or an offensive term for Germans and Scandanavians. I assume neither of these apply to you so how did you come to be known as Squarehead?

Yeah I noticed that! And so have a couple other people unfortunately ha, and yes it’s none of those! It simply came from school and the ridiculous nicknames everyone had and stemmed from me having a slightly square shaped head and so bobs your uncle.   

There seems to be a cross pollination of different genres in your productions that make them hard to categorise. Is that  consciously done by you when crafting new tracks ? Are you going to trying to maintain that variety in your productions or can you see yourself developing a more entrenched style?

I suppose I don’t purposely switch between genres but it just seems to come naturally when it comes to making tune, I listen to all types of music across the house/ disco spectrum and it appears that whatever I have been listening to the past couple of days translates into the music I guess. If I can keep that up I will be happy but hopefully I will be able to or already happen making stuff that people will recognize as something I have made. 

What first drove you to start making electronic music? What were your early inspirations?

As most probably will say it was a nature progression really to start making music, I had wanted to DJ for a long time as long as I can remember and from then looking at making my own tunes was the next step. I can remember using a proper old program called eJay when I was about 9/10 it must have been, that I’m sure you used to get in cereal packets. It was the most simple thing or arranging pre made loops but I was always waiting for new ones come out etc and loved it. Early inspirations for making house and electronic sounds were coming from my Uncle who brought records from New York/ Chicago and I can remember hearing lots of Nervous records and Kerri Chandler stuff and I guess that’s where the love for house/disco came from looking back. 

Looking at your schedule it seems your getting around the globe playing different countries. Where is your favourite place to play? Where would you like to play?

Don’t think I can pick a favourite to play as I’ve only played 95% of places once and I’m sure there will be a lot more places to go to in the future but my favourite place to have played recently would be The Bodega in Nottingham, everyone was just up for it and ready to have a good time which is what everyone likes to see and DJs hope to play to! America would be an amazing place to get the chance to play in as I would like to compare how different crowds are to over here in Europe. Also Asia would be pretty mad because I wouldn’t know what to expect. 

What do you make of the current electronic landscape? Whose sound are you really enjoying at the moment? Is there anything in the scene you’d like to change?

From what I can see its the strongest it has ever been or can only get better, especially in the UK, whether its just because I’m getting more involved with it all but its how it appears to me. There isn’t much I’d like to change about it, but one thing I would put out there is that it would be nice if people were less uptight about who’s played this and what they say is over played and they shouldn’t be doing this or that, if people just enjoyed music how it should be just to have  a dance or whatever rather than over analyzing and placing it in all these daft new genres it would be better as a whole. (what ever better means) 

What are your ambitions and plans for the future?

To keep on doing what I’m doing and if I can make a long career fully involved in music somehow I will be happy. Even better if it can be solely from DJing and/or producing that would be amazing, getting to travel the world and see some places I wouldn’t get to normally travel to, I couldn’t think anything better personally.