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SQL – Velour


FV055cover1400.jpgLabel: Flow VinylScore: 8/10

Pim van Horssen AKA SQL, is an Amsterdam-based producer whose rich talents have already endeared him to the likes of Gem and Outpost. For his most recent outing, we see him turn up the heat to 11 with a club-ready EP that’s laden with dexterous, deep appeals aplenty.

Up first on the Velour EP is the original itself, a bristling number that moves at a fully-loaded pace and shakes and shimmies with all the zest you’d expect from a producer at the top of his game. Clever guitar licks abound, but it’s the rising, unfurling bassline that’s really the cause for dancefloor consternation. Epic fare of the highest grade.

Brazilian producer Wehbba is no stranger to crafting such delights, and he injects his remix with an electro vibe and a foreboding sense of unrest that gives it a whole new agenda. ”Velvet” then leads us to the cosmos with its sci-fi coated sheen, before the EP culminates courtesy of ‘Fabric’, a collaboration with London producer Tom Real which we’re guessing is titled in homage to the city’s famous super-club. Spiky and dexterous, it helps sign off with a welcome sense of unrelenting pressure at its core.


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