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Soundcrash – Forum



Soundcrash presents a heavy-duty line-up with two out and out legendary drum’n’bass producers and Tokyo’s finest turntablist and his breakbeat heavy new live show going head to head on an enhanced Forum sound system. A wet dream for a line-up for any drum’n’bass head! The night will feature jazz and hip hop influenced d’n’b from the biggest names in the game.

On the night will be LTJ Bukem who discovered his passion for drum and bass when exploring the realms of jazz fusion. So it’s natural that when Bukem’s career as a DJ progressed in the early 90‘s and he found himself delving in to the studio, it was these frantic breakbeats in tandem with the melodic, yet almost awry basslines of jazz instrumentation that informed Bukem’s creations, developing a progressive and textured sound equal parts anthemic and tranquil. Alongside him will be Bristol native Roni Size who is one of the U.K. jungle scene’s most respected names, with production credits spanning dozens of labels, projects, and releases. The breakout success of his debut album New Forms (including Britain’s prestigious Mercury Award) finally confirmed his stature and vaulted him to a greater degree of popularity than any other drum’n’bass producer. Also there is a man lnown the world over as both a turntablist and as a sound creator, Japan’s DJ Kentaro first entered the consciousness of the global music community by scoring a landslide victory at the world’s biggest DJ battle, the DMC 2002, to become the first ever Asian Champion of the World. Since then he has performed shows across the globe and his latest album, “Contrast”, was one of the heaviest releases in 2012 and the live show that accompanies it is sure to do some serious damage at The Forum. This is a night not to be missed, so get your tickets now! 

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