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I must admit I do like the Allen & Heath and Rayne rotary mixers…

Ah well now we’re talking. I like rotary mixers when I’m playing loft style house to an educated crowd wherein I don’t need to jack them up. They already know what time it is and they’re all about the subtle blends and the art of DJing. It’s important to me to help keep the technical culture of DJing alive as over the last few years I have met people who have never seen vinyl be played in club. That’s why we have all these effects buttons now to replicate the skill that used to be done live with analogue equipment. If you listen to the legendary old school sets you can appreciate that people were doing all of the delays, echos etc. before Traktor. I’m not against technology I just want people to embrace wherein the technology they’re using came from. If you don’t know where you came from, how the hell do you expect to know where your going? And another factor travelling opened my eyes to was accessibility. I used to think fuck mp3 and digital downloads, that’s wherein piracy come from and that theses people didn’t care. Then I went to the eastern bloc and realised there were little to no record stores! Now how are you supposed to obtain the music that you’re craving if it is only sold 2 thousand miles away? That’s why a lot of people were downloading music and to tell someone they can’t have your music because of where they’re from? That’s backwards man. That’s why when I’m touring you can always know that I’ll have records with me to sell to people who want them! If you love you can buy it man! Having to reassess my opinions and join the digital advocates was humbling. I understand in a way that a way I wouldn’t have been able to. When I travel I always like to find out how they found out about my music. People who follow me know that they can put an order in to get the records they need! The internet has been great for that as it stopped our scenes being so insular. We all get access to music everything now not just what gets played on local radio but the downside is the internet kinda killed FM in the US as everything is streamed.

What can you tell us about your future plans?

Well Ibiza is a special place for me. I first went to the island two years ago to play and this year I was happy to come back to play with Dice as when we hung out he really impressed me by putting music together for the public at large without compromising their beliefs. That goes for the whole Desolat  crew, who for such a successful set-up are very open minded to new ideas and sounds and really embraced what I’m trying to continue doing with Underground Quality. They’ve really introduced me to Ibiza and presented me as an underground house DJ to the crowd here which is both an honour and a challenge.  As a team the guys behind Used & Abused have really paid attention to detail so I’m looking forward not only to my performance but the series. I’ve just released 5 records at the same to on UQ from 49-54 on my label. I’ve also got a collaborative projects coming up with Jenifa Mayanja of which we’re doing our first label night in London at Fabric on my birthday. Then I’ve also got a track with Jennifa as EDJ coming out called Rainbow which I’ve been playing which sample our kids on the vocals which should be coming out in August.

Sounds interesting! Thanks for your time Ed.

No problem brother. See you in London!

You can catch artists such as Jus Ed in Ibiza at Loco Dice’s Used & Abused on Thursdays at Ushuaïa Ibiza. For more information and tickets click here.  Or if you live in London you can catch Ed at Fabric on Saturday 27th Of July alongside Mr. C and Kink. For more details click here








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