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I remember seeing you perform in Manchester and it was a very hard set to pin down to any one catergory…

Thank you. Well I come from a DJing culture that doesn’t care about being number one in an online poll. I know how to turn a party into a party. I sell personality in my performance and I want to just continue to win followers to the underground and people to say I saw Jus Ed and had a fucking good time!

You speak of winning people over to the more creative underground side of electronic music. Was that the reason behind the launch of your online radio show?

Exactly. I got an invite from a friend who introduced me to My House, Your House and at the time I didn’t feel I was getting my music out far or wide or fast enough. I was doing parties out here called Kazulo which I ran with Joanne in which we ran this party with live instruments in which live jam sessions would create a great parties but it wasn’t putting my music out far enough.  I then thought I need to put myself on a bigger platform and I wanted to travel and then I spoke to a friend and he told me if you want to DJ internationally you gotta start putting records out.  So that’s what I did and that’s what spawned UQ 003.  I still had a lot to learn about licensing and how much effort goes into putting each record out. It took me several years to perfect. I remember working with Fred P and Levon Vincent and sitting down with Levon and telling him that he had a great future ahead of him. I only pick  the best people for my team! Every guy and girl I work with is a brother and sister to me and the bond we have is one of friendship. The only thing I ask is they give credit and if anybody asks about me to spell my name right!

You’ve spoke a lot about travelling. Where have been your favourite places to play?

Where haven’t I enjoyed playing! That would be an easier question and even then it would only be complaints about not having the right equipment like a microphone and mixer! I like the Pioneer DJM but a lot of people are going for Allen & Heath these days which in my opinions make for boring mixers.

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