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Smash TV – Noise & Girls Remixes Part 1



Label: Get PhysicalScore: 8/10

Kings of the quirky groove, Smash TV, get quick off the mark releasing a tight set of remixes of their title track from their debut album Noise & Girls. Whilst the album is worthy of your time in its own right Noise & Girls, as a single, is a great example of what Smash TV do best – great quality, slightly left-of-field, deep house. The original mix, as featured on the album, walks the line between a piece of music that sits as both an album and club track, albeit being on the deeper side, it’s lifted by a lovely set of deep throbbing strings, male vocal snippets and most notably a really original riff that runs throughout defining the track and making it stand out from everything else out there at the moment.

 Leading the remix pack, Alive label boss Tom Budden, is an inspired choice with his recent productions both on and off Alive getting slicker, and developing a really mature sound that is showcased nicely here. More driving than the original and more suited the dancefloor Tom’s mix is underpinned by a driving bassline, and although it clearly is Tom’s signature style, the constituent parts have been used thoughtfully and to great effect to turn in a quality yet useable slice of house music.

Second out of the gate, German Brigante’s thoughtfully clean remix is picking up a huge amount of support. Current sounding and deep in the purest sense of the word,  the German has taken the elements and weaved them into a growling, mid-set floor shaker that works out the elements of the track but programmes them beautifully, allowing the track to breath yet still stamping his own identity deep into the core of the mix.

Finally Fabio Giannelli turns in a bass-heavy but more club focused remix, again of fantastic quality and another viable alternative to the original but not sounding quite as slick as the other remixes.

A worthy set of remixes that focus, fairly inevitably, on deep house and perhaps could have been more diverse, but offer quality all the way and a good set of dancefloor friendly alternatives from the original. Fingers crossed for a couple more quality remix packages from the excellent album. 


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