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Simula breaks down his new album ‘Dogma’


Simula‘s debut album, ‘Dogma,’ offers a glimpse into the young producer’s growth and development over the years. Initially making a name for himself in the underground Drum & Bass scene, he achieved crossover success with the track ‘You and I’ featuring Bou and Bru-C, which amassed over 100 million streams and garnered support from influential tastemakers. This achievement, combined with daytime radio airplay and collaborations with brands like Sample Genie, propelled Simula into the spotlight and set the stage for his solo endeavour, ‘Dogma.’

‘Dogma’ represents the culmination of Simula’s refined techniques and skills acquired during his takeover of the Drum & Bass genre. The album builds upon the success of previous singles such as ‘Colourblind’ featuring Embr, ‘Process’ featuring Makism, ‘Attack Mode,’ ‘Menace,’ ‘Macabre,’ ‘Angels,’ ‘Obscure,’ ‘Cold Shoulder,’ and ‘Scarab.’ It introduces a collection of new, exclusive tracks that showcase Simula’s evolving artistry. From the winding, guttural sonics of ‘Basilisk’ to the stomping riddims of ‘Gutter’ and the twisted note patterns of ‘Running Out,’ along with the gripping atmospherics of ‘Tension,’ each song contributes to the narrative of Simula’s musical journey.

These fresh tracks have already found a place in Simula’s live sets, captivating audiences from New Zealand to Europe. Having been tested in major venues across continents, they have left an indelible mark on listeners. Released just in time for the festival season, the latter part of 2023 is poised to be dominated by Simula’s debut LP, ‘Dogma.’

Simula is set to showcase his influence in the world of dance music through album showcases and parties in London, Bristol, and Brighton. This year marks a significant milestone in Simula’s personal and musical growth. His new body of work reflects the success of this transformative process, promising an exciting future ahead.

Simula dropped ‘Dogma’ in April (grab it here) so we caught up with him recently to get a breakdown of the tracks on the album!


Colourblind follows in the footsteps of Simula’s previous melodic work, seeing the return of the dreamy vocals from Embr. Catchy, euphoric and feel good, this track shows the other end of the spectrum in Simula’s sonic arsenal.

Attack Mode

Simula brings his distinct brand of fearsome synthesis and mixes it with dynamic breaks to create the wonky track known as Attack Mode. Aiming to set a precedent with his vocalising leads, Attack Mode is a more aggressive take on Simula’s horrific style. 


Menace is the template for Simula’s own brand of dark and heavy jump up drum & bass, showcasing ear-splitting synthesis with raw and ruinous instrumentation. The track was born out of a need for darker, more horror influenced jump up that has the potential to tear up any dance floor


Showcasing the cold vocals of Maksim, Process is a dark and thundering ballad. The piercing lead synth is carried by the deep rolling sub bass and tribal drums, creating a monstrous roller. 

Running Out

Taking a lighter, more euphoric approach, the lead synth of Running Out is unmistakable, and drives the track forward. Featuring simple yet effective synthesis, this track takes you through many moods and emotions, following the path set by the celestial lead. 



Well known as one of Simula’s most creative and soulful tracks, Angel’s is well known for it’s mental health context, with 10% of profits from the track going to MIND to support people struggling with mental health. The track revolves around the unique lead synth and the answering vocal, creating a soulful yet technical sound. 

Cold Shoulder 

Arguably Simula’s most well known track in recent times, there aren’t many ravers who aren’t familiar with the vocal and donkey-like lead synth. Simula hits the middle ground perfectly with this track, incorporating elements of jump up and dark minimal. 


A wobbly dubstep-esque club smasher, Macabre is all about the wobbles. Drawing massive influence from 140 and original dubstep, this track shows that less can sometimes mean more. 


Before tracks like Menace, there was Scarab, an energetic jump up track with darker elements but still retaining that infectious dancey energy. The lead squelchy growl is signature of Simula’s twisted sound. 


Another instantly recognisable track from Simula’s catalog, Obscure is all about the weird and wobbly. The lead synth is strange yet enticing, sucking you into the track with its deep oscillations.


Dark and angry, this track stays true to the core of ‘Dogma’. With a terrifying shrieking lead, thundering low end and dynamic glitchy drums, Basilisk is the true epitome of Simula’s twisted style. 


Harnessing basic fundamental waves to create a twisted grotty sound, Tension aims to please the keen ear of fans of sound design. Staying true to the dark and nightmarish flavours of the album, this track still manages to carry the jump up vibe. 


Straight to the point and aggressive, these are the basic principles of the track Gutter, a simple yet effective club banger. This track focuses solely on the guttural croaky bass for maximum impact.


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