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Showtek’s EDM evolution: “Oh man, we’re so glad we changed”



How do you deal with that?

Sjoerd: “It’s hard, but you’re in it together, and you mentally raise a finger, and say ‘okay go home’. Next time we’re there we know he won’t show up because he doesn’t like us, that’s fine, and if he has a hard time dealing with it then that’s their choice. But I’m so happy now with what we’re doing, it feels so comfortable, I can take it easily, I don’t care.

Sjoerd: “We even had a show in Switzerland right in the beginning where we tried to fuse the two sounds together in the one set, and then the owner of the club was like, ‘yeah this is not gonna work, you should stop.’ We even had these times in our career, where we were like, oh my god where is this going… but if you believe in yourself and just follow your heart. And then our single Cannonball came… 

Wouter: “That was last December, and we’d had a hard time that year, and then Cannonball came through on the radio, Top 40 in France, Belgium and Holland. And that was a game changer for us. Six weeks and then kaboom, it exploded on the radio too and we had so many new fans, we had new promoters and then the scene changed, our market changed, and we couldn’t control it. That’s the fun part that we’ll never forget – don’t try to control it, just do what you’re strong at and what feels comfortable, and even if it takes another five years, it will always follow you. You just have to go on and believe. And that’s the hard part that comes with making a change – if you can conquer that, then you’re good. 

Sjoerd: “We took some risks and we went through some heavy periods, but we always knew deep down that we were doing the right thing. And the dancefloor never lies – last week in France, there were 700 people outside that couldn’t come in anymore, because they were closing the doors. And that’s the perfect sign you want to have as an artist, that you’re going in the right direction. Sometimes to go uphill, you have to go downhill first.


Your gig tonight alongside Guetta and Chucky would have to be a good indication of what you’ve managed to achieve in the past year.

Sjoerd: “David Guetta has really been one of our biggest supporters. Before we’d even met him, he booked us to play several shows after him at Pacha in Ibiza. He was the first DJ playing our new single Booyah. He told us that he literally fell off his chair when he heard it for the first time. He gave it to Pete Tong, and it after that everybody started playing our record. So Guetta was one of the guys who was supporting our new sound from the beginning.” 

Something interesting this year is you’re hearing hardstyle being thrown into the sets of a lot of mainstage DJs alongside the house and EDM stuff.

Wouter: “I think that’s great, because it will give that market the chance to be discovered. We’ve been doing our thing for nine years, and it was great, though it’s at a certain BPM so it’s hard to do it differently. But it’s great that people are still doing it, and we still have that touch in our music as well, and we even still drop a hardstyle track sometimes for old time’s sake. And if the record is great, even if it’s a hardstyle record, it should be played.

I really have hope and wish the best too for all the guys in that scene, because we know them personally, we know their struggles too about being limited and stuff. We wish them all the best because they’re great producers”.

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