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Sante – Current


Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 11.47.00.pngLabel: AvotreScore: 8/10

Philipp Maier. A name many of you may not recognise but he is certainly a credit to some of your favourite house and techno beats of today. Who else would I be talking about other than Sante?

Moving to Berlin at 21 in pursuit of a career in music, the only stand still moment during Phillip’s career so far was not making it into university – but technically this could be considered a good thing. After experiencing a studio internship, his career blossomed into a beautiful flower full of opportunity.

Such opportunity available has seen Sante go on to DJ in the party capital known as Ibiza, work with some incredible names in music and of course, prepare him to release his debut LP “Current”. Luckily for us, we got chance to delve into the world of Sante and check out his debut album.

Sante opens up the first chapter of his first ever album with Intimacy featuring fellow German artist, J.U.D.G.E. This track displayed Sante’s screaming soul talents featuring several narrative, melody soaked cuts. The inclusion of J.U.D.G.E also makes this the perfect way to set the mood as an opening record. This is followed by Waiting featuring Forrest. This track flows on perfectly from Intimacy with calm tempo and a relaxing repetitive beat. The vocals from Forrest compliment the sound as does the sound to Forrest’s vocals, a track you “no longer want to be waiting” for to listen to, no pun intended. Almost a third of the way through the album comes a record featuring Dirty Vegas vocalist Steve Smith. He assists Sante in producing a track called Time To Pray. The soothing vocals from Steve immediately open the record engaging with the mind of the listener setting the scene slowly building towards a slightly upbeat eruption of repetitive house – a very pleasant combination.

Interlude follows suit. As the fourth track on the LP, “Current”, it provides a very short interchange between the third and fifth tracks allowing listeners to gather their thoughts and prepare for what is to come next. A transitional track but still an immense record nonetheless as my ears were graced with some wonderful loops. Sante delivers an excellent follow up with Awake – his second collaboration on the album with J.U.D.G.E who provides some inspirational vocals. The loops were simply bleeding character and the fact that the vocals blended in superbly made it that more enjoyable to take in. The second half of the album is opened with Momentary – a track that was released prior to the album’s release in order to garner interest and test the waters so to speak with regards to feedback and boy, Sante wasn’t to be disappointed. Such a charismatic yet colourful track set the bar for “Current” and having heard the album as a whole, Momentary remains one of my favourite tracks on this LP. However, I enjoyed the entire LP as a whole.

The repetition was explosive just like the follow up track, Tongue featuring Ovasoul7. The track slowly builds up in the background to a bigger stage whilst the focused beat is mind blowing and perfect for anyone in the mood for a two step. The vocals from Ovasoul7 mesh perfectly with what Sante is trying to create here.

Sante also had the chance to exclusively work alongside Russoul. The duo created magic alongside one another when producing Turn It Up, the eighth song of the album. This sees an excellent combination of fast paced repetitive music and then later on, we are graced with the presence of Russoul within this album and he did not let us down here when he mixed this – one of the bigger highlights on this ten track plus bonuses LP. More positive moods are produced when listening to We Are featuring Human Life. With Human Life, their vocals played a huge part to this track when listening to it back. A controlled and steady paced rhythm which then picks up in pace later on towards the conclusion however addictive nonetheless. Sante’s debut LP is closed with Russoul’s second instalment on the album – Mockery. Another classic example of delightful repetition. The vocals of Russoul compliment Mockery in ways you can’t imagine simply making you want to listen to more and more.

This next part is simply for the Sante loyalists – yes, believe it or not we are gifted with not one but two bonus tracks as the Berlin bonanza treats us to two further versions of Awake. The first is the album version. It starts off very slow but builds towards an emphatically huge drop displaying an alternative to the original. This is then followed up by the Agoria remix which is one of my personal favourites on the entire album. This French electronic music artists is simply splendid behind the decks and the story is no different here as he adds his input into Sante’s debut album.

The bonus tracks added depth and intrigue to an album full of alternatively paced repetition and some charismatic vocals, all of which can be considered a current success.

Words: Matty Adams


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