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Robosonic & Mat.Joe – Macho Madness


off077.jpgLabel: OFFScore: 8/10 

Will OFF’s liking for a hip-hop sample ever come to a halt? On the basis of recent evidence, it might well not, but that’s no bad thing when the label’s main men continue to churn out sumptuous house music of a delectable, almost tangible hip-hop persuasion. And two such producers who practically epitomize all that’s food and great about Andre Crom’s fun-loving label recently are Robosonic & Mat.Joe, who both play a role in the most excellent ‘Macho Madness’ EP.

On the title-track, whizzing, zippy synths help lend it a somewhat melancholic edge, but it’s perked up by the gorgeous twinkling melodies and a series of effervescent keys that helps lend it a gregarious and soulful outlook. Really sumptuous stuff and indicative of the Robosonic boys at the top of their game.

The flip sees Robosonic team up with one of the past year’s standout names, German producers Mat.Joe. As you’d expect from a musical marriage like this, it’s high on drama too, and ”Got Game” is a track that fits neatly into the discography of both. The title, of course, gives the sample away, and depending on your persuasion for these sort of tooly tracks, you will indeed either ‘hate it or love it’. One things for sure though, Mat.Joe and Robosonic are most definitely ‘on top’


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