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Soaring High: Bobby Tank



Bobby Tank may be “still pretty early in the game at the moment” and may not have “really scratched the surface yet” but this man is doing everything right at the minute with new music on the horizon, a whole host of remixes and an appearance at The Secret Garden Party coming up it seems there is not stopping his momentume. 2013 has seen him riding high,  with an album and live show being talked about for 2014 get used to seeing his face about because he is going to be here to stay. We caught up with Bobby to have a chat about everything above and more ahead of his festival appearance.

How did it all start for you?

I’ve been in and out of bands and had learned a plethora of music, but really started to get into computer based music around 2010. I was listening to Fly Lo and edIT and a lot of that crazy glitchy stuff and I thought, you know I want to get into this stuff and I want to bring what I had learnt in the past to a computer based format and it all just kicked off from there. I made this track called ‘Nexus Moonburgers’, it was the first track I had properly made and it actually got quite a lot of good feedback so I thought I would give it a shot then, ad things have gone pretty well.

When you was younger what type of music was you listening to?

At a young age my Mum had a lot of 80’s pop/soul, Jackson 5, Diana Ross, Luther Van Dross, so very soulful ballad-esque music. Then when I was about 7 or 8, I don’t know how but I got into really hard-core hip-hop. I was walking around listening to NARD and Biggie, and people thought I was crazy because I was really into it. So I got really into that and went from people like MJ to east-coast rap. After that I moved into Drum & Bass and Jungle when I was around 9, then was into Rock when I was about 15-16, was listening to a lot of Metal, stuff like that and that was when I was starting to dabble with being in bands. Then obviously I started getting into electronic music so a whole range, but I came from quite an artistic family.

If there was anyone you could like to work with, spanning across time alive or dead who would it be?

I’ve always been a fan of Quincy Jones and of course MJ, but who wouldn’t pick those guys? That would be more of a pipe dream. I mean it would’ve never happened, but I would’ve loved to work in that kind of style with those kind of guys. More recent people I would love to work with Fly Lo or I think I may possibly be working with Star Slinger. So that is who I would like to work with, just off the top of my head.

What can we expect from you at the Secret Garden Party?

I am just going to bring a lot of, what do they call it? Maximism now-a-days, that is the kind of categories they’ll put me under. I might bring an old skool house vibe, 80’s cut up edit house-y vibe, a bit of garage, some hip-hop, a bit of trap, a bit of everything man. Everything I have been listening to over the past year really, I am just going to try cram that into one hour. Some people might be looking at me thinking what the hell he is doing, but I have heard a lot of music and I want to completely blow people away. I want them to remember my set, I don’t want to just play a consistent sound like house, I want a bit of everything. Obviously it will be a bit tricky getting the right tempos to work, but hopefully everyone will be a drunk enough to maybe not notice if its out a bit! (Laughs). So just dropping bangers I guess in a nutshell, I mean hopefully we’ll all be enjoying the sunshine and everyone will be having fun. So I don’t want to be just dropping stuff that I want to hear, I want to be bringing people tracks that people will enjoy and will help in continuing their good time.

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