Richard Seeley – Burnt Soul

Single Reviews

Discolour_Logo.jpgLabel: DiscolourScore: 8/10 

New labels come and go with increasing abandon these days, with the majority not lasting the pace set by those at the very top. Richard Seeley’s recently formed Discolour imprint however, evidently isn’t the sort of label intent on simply making up the numbers.

Indeed, their maiden EP kicks off with the sophisticated, vaguely ‘techno’ sounds that’s also comprise the title track, ‘Burnt Soul’. With a barrage of contrasting sounds manipulated, it huffs and puffs with a similarly trippy aesthetic to that employed at other labels Seeley has leant his talents to, not least VVWI, REK’D and – as is the case with the sporadic, emotion-laden synths – Lucidflow.

Flex” then ensures these emotions are kept in check via an effort that’s every bit as intriguing as its predecessor. Again, it’s the more subtle moments that provide the tension rather than a more obvious bassline or a vocal. No bad thing of course, when the loop alone is enough to keep the listener on their toes. What this EP does do, is ensure that Seeley’s lost none of his production charm during his brief hiatus.