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After five years of throwing parties, 2013 has undoubtedly seen the coming of age of Rhythmatic. A rich vein of esteemed guests including Marco Carola, Mathias Tanzmann and Davide Squillace continues to be embellished by forward thinking line-ups featuring the rising talents of the EDM community. With an unfaltering base of core attendees, rock solid residents and a sound musical ethos it is not surprising that Rhythmatic have lately enjoyed considerable media limelight. Their vision “…to provide a night that defines quality music, quality production as well as providing great hospitality” does not stray at all far from the reality, with the personal touch of hospitality bringing a unique facet to the events.

With demand rising and several event spaces facing closure, the organisers’ hands have been forced into making changes to accommodate their rising popularity. Kiri and Kostas, the brothers behind Rhythmatic are confident they will maintain the “friends and family” feel despite branching out to larger venues “…when doing events in big spaces it’s not easy to see and greet everyone, but we do our upmost to see and be part of our crowd”.

Last Saturday saw them collaborate with Julian Perez’s Fathers and Sons Productions imprint at Village Underground in London. Alongside Sebo K, Julian Perez and the Rhythmatic residents is one of Cocoon’s current poster boys, Martinez. Martinez, Martin Swanstein, gained early exposure to electronic music in his early teens, whilst growing up in Sweden. Having fallen prey to this mesmerising soundscape, so different to music of Swedish popular culture at the time, he developed a keen interest that soon led him to take up residence in Copenhagen where his appetite could be sated. With releases on the likes of Cadenza Records and Moon Harbour Recordings and DJ sets in the world’s most revered DJ booths, Martinez has more recently joined the Cocoon DJ roster and in 2013 has regularly graced Cocoon line-ups. In anticipation for his brand of groove infused techno and house DT caught up with Martinez last Saturday just ahead of Rhythmatic presents Fathers & Sons 1st Anniversary Tour at Village Underground.

Martin, how’s it going? What are you up to at the moment?

At the moment I am at home in Copenhagen. I just came back from a lovely weekend of gigs, a particularly nice one on Sunday afternoon, which was the Cocoon Boat Party in Frankfurt, where I played an 8 hour b2b set with Markus Fix & Chris Tietjen. That was great!

Summer has been great so far, nice gigs in Ibiza and some cool Festival gigs here and there.

You’ve been involved with EDM from a fairly young age and I understand your first experience of EDM was in your early teens. As a child, how hard was it to get into electronic dance music in Helsingborg when you were growing up? I can’t imagine there was much of it about.

Actually Helsingborg had a very good community of DJs and ravers. So there was lots of small underground parties going on and even some club nights here and there. I got very inspired and learnt almost everything I know about DJing and party culture from a group of DJ’s that called themselves Groove Society. They made really good house music and put on parties at fantastic underground locations around Helsingborg. Their parties were always sort of “private”, and you had to have a membership, so it was easy for me to attend even if I might have been a bit too young at the time.

Nice. Nowadays you often play at Culture Box in Copenhagen. Is this like a second home to you?

Well, I wouldn’t say often, but a few times a year I do. It’s probably the only real underground techno/house oriented club we have in Copenhagen so it makes sense to do a few dates there a year and invite good DJs from around the world to play with me there.


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