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Was your first ever gig in Copenhagen?

Hmm, I can hardly remember, but I think my first DJ set was in Helsingborg at a club called Pir 16. It was a club/venue where you could get in from the age of 16 basically, all other clubs were usually 18 and up (or sometimes even 21). I was probably not even 16 at the time, maybe 15, and I remember I played Trance (the good stuff like: Eye Q, Harthouse, Dragonfly, T.I.P etc) and I played a set that I had practiced over and over again at home.

Thankfully you won’t be playing any trance this weekend in London! From where you are, how different can a crowd be from country to country? Surely most crowds are there for the music and interact with the DJ on that level regardless of the country.

Exactly, from my experience in the end it’s all about the music and the party in each country. People go there with the same vibe. Though of course it varies because of different cultures, some countries have a crowd that reacts more to certain things than others, but in general it comes much more down to the party and the atmosphere of the venue or club than the country. At least from my experience.

You’ve been a regular at Cocoon parties over the last year or so, travelling worldwide for these. How do you feel about your career progression at the moment? And what do you think have been the most important factors that have got you where you are today?

It’s a really hard question to answer. I think some of the most important factors are always a mixture of talent, passion, dedication and of course a bit of luck and timing. It’s been amazing working with Cocoon for the last year. It’s really an agency and a music “brand” that I feel a good and strong connection with. My music and perception of this whole thing fits very well with everything they stand for, and they also do an amazing job with their own events all over the world.

How does someone in your position, with things going pretty well, continue to challenge themselves in their career as a DJ and an artist?

I always try new things, anything from different sounds and genres to new approaches in the way of producing and performing. It’s important to develop and do new things to inspire yourself I guess.

I understand you’re working on an album (your fifth.

Right now I am in the process of finalising the actual album and honestly I prefer not to say too much about it until it’s done and out there. But it’s more musical and melodic than my last one, and I also collaborate with a few other producers on some tunes as well as playing more instruments myself (that I record and tweak my own way). I hope the release can be around the end of 2013 or early 2014.

We look forward to hearing it. In terms of touring, your next night is here in London, have you played alongside Sebo K or Julian Perez before?

I played with Julian Perez a few times before. A very good DJ and producer! Sebo K… I am not sure if we have ever played in a party together that I can remember, but for sure a great producer and DJ too, so I think it’s a good line-up that’s gonna work great for the crowd and party on Saturday.

We look forward to hearing what Martinez has in store for us tonight. Whilst this day marks a big step in Rhythmatic’s progression onto the main stage of London EDM nights, resident Archie Hamilton believes the step-up can only improve the current setup, “…the move to warehouse spaces has meant that we have built an amazing core group of regulars, who know the party well and really make it what it is today. As a result of this, we can be a lot more creative with not only our bookings, but also with the music that we play; it feels a lot more intimate”.


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