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Rhymestar and Telomic interview each other


Given its lyrical genius by Rhymestar, and with Telomic on the production, recently released Metro Recordings single ‘Without You’ is your perfect entry into the summer months. With rolling melodies dipping in and out of Rhymestar’s skilful storytelling, it adds to the more harmonious side of Metro’s catalogue. ‘Without You’ is a song about passion, self-doubt, euphoria, disappointment, therapy, and pain.

“At first listen, one may receive ‘Without You’ as a love song but in actual fact it’s about the rollercoaster of emotions I have experienced as a ‘creative’ and my relationship with music. The realisation that no matter how many times I’ve drifted away or purposely tried to walk away from creating, I find myself drawn back into a head space where ironically I am most at peace, making music and sharing it.” – Rhymestar

London based Telomic is a rising talent and one which has seen releases on Liquicity, Spearhead Recordings, Galacy and more. With tens of millions of streams to his name and widespread support from artists such as Sub Focus, René LaVice, Maduk, and Keeno, 2021 sees Telomic’s profile continue
to grow. Rhymestar with his frontman status has led crowds throughout many Matrix & Futurebound sets around the globe, holding a plethora of records within his own arsenal across both Drum & Bass and Grime. It’s a merging of minds with a lush outcome on Metro, proving that the label is constantly on the hunt for new genius.

Spearheaded by Matrix, one of the most decorated veteran producers within the scene, Metro Recordings continues to evolve with a new generation of producers. Following releases from Askm3, Kawaii and Matrix himself, Rhymestar and Telomic provide the perfect next chapter in the label’s
exploration of new territories.

‘Without You’ dropped on Metro Recordings on 30th July, if you haven’t already done so, then you can grab a copy from here

We thought we’d revisit a feature we haven’t done for a while and asked Rhymestar and Telomic to interview each other. Read on to hear what they had to say…


Telomic questions for Rhymestar:

What are your top 3 moments as an artist?

There are so many, this is a tough one….

1) My first prime time, main-room performance at Brixton Academy, for One Nation – Hype & Bryan G were playing b2b. I was an up-and coming at the time and had performed in the Stars of The Future Room. I think Det or Skiba were running late, so I got the call up! Incredible venue and an event, I had gone to as a raver many times. Definitely one to remember.

2) My first DIY, self-released record ‘Understand’. From recording the track, to the artwork and video, everything was DIY and the process was extremely satisfying. I guess it was a realisation that I didn’t need to rely on anyone else to do what I wanted to do musically.

3) Performing my first live-show for BBC Introducing was pretty cool. It was a solid 45min set of 100% my music. The crowd were a mix of supporters and people who didn’t know who the hell I was. Vulnerable and out of my comfort zone but it was great!

What advice would you give to new Vocalists/MCs trying to break through?

– Don’t compare yourself to the people / artists you follow on your social media feed. 
– Always remind yourself of the reasons you make music in the first place. Hopefully that’s because you absolutely love it..
– Learn to enjoy the process. Anything else is a bonus!
– Consistency is key. Make music, lots of music and don’t obsess over perfection too much.

What is your top classic Drum & Bass tune?

This is like asking me what my favourite food is man.. How could you do this to me..? Ok so on the spot, today, right now.. thinking back.. it’s got to be Roni Size – Trust Me.

Weirdest gig experience?

There’s been a few… Here’s one.. I was on set with Matrix & Futurebound at a festival in Bucharest, mid-set the music cut out for a good 5mins. Those 5 mins seemed like 5 hours. I didn’t know what the hell was going on but my mic still worked. I carried on freestyling and beatboxing (badly) whilst Futurebound had the sound engineer in a headlock (Just joking). Eventually the music came on and we finished the set. After the show, the promoter came to thank us for our performance and commented that he LOVED the part of the set where WE stopped the music. He thought it was all part of the show!!!!!!

Where do you draw lyrical inspiration from?

Life experiences, telling stories or wanting to get a particular message across. Sometimes elements of a track can evoke strong emotions and trigger lyrics. There really isn’t a black and white process.


Rhymestar questions for Telomic:

What is your creative process and what are the contributing factors to producing your best work?

Honestly? The process is a bit of a mess, the mindset ‘quantity breeds quality’ comes to mind. Basically, just take the time to write as many ideas and sketches as possible, and eventually something presents itself. Hearing interesting, creative music is super inspiring and helps produce the best work, but also good mindset, making sure I’m not trapped in the studio all day every day, getting out, taking care of my mental health, means that the time spent in the studio is positive!

What are your top 5 studio snacks?

I try to avoid eating in the studio, I just mindlessly eat otherwise haha, but anything chocolate based is solid! Chocolate Hobnobs are king, Reeses pieces, chocolate raisons, dates and cashew nuts are decent too, bit more boring but probably a healthier choice haha

Funniest moment whilst on the road?

Having security at Liquicity festival tell Aperio and I we weren’t allowed into the site to play our set was a good one (had to run around the outside of the site to find another guy who would actually let us in, like 10 minutes before our set). Not sure how funny it was at the time, but memorable for sure

If you could produce for anyone, past or present, who would it be?

I’d totally botch it, but Stevie Wonder would be killer. Just being able to be a part of his creative process would be amazing!

List out two truths and a lie about you, for me to guess.


  1. I grew up playing violin, and studied classical music at school
  2. I’ve had support from Coldplay
  3. I played drums growing up

(Rhymestar guessed 2 & 3, but it was actually 1 & 2!)