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Reviewed: Materia Opening Party at Vista Club



As I travel to Privilege’s sister electronica venue ‘Vista Club’, I feel a sense of nervous exhilaration, tonight is the night of new beginnings. Tonight I enter the realms of full frontal globally renowned Techno, the under chasms of a bursting music scene which purveys so much thriving passion it grips me emotionally when I reflect.  Welcome to the dark, sexually promiscuous nether-reaching realms of Marco Bailey’s ‘MATERIA’.

There is no doubt the white island gets a splurging dosage of blaring European / Italiano styled techno every week, with ‘Unusual Suspects’ Thursday nights at Sankeys Ibiza and the power house which is ‘Music On’ Friday nights at Amnesia, however, ‘Materia’ as a concept is resolutely unique, it doesn’t wish to merge big room atmosphere with tourist techno lust instead what Materia gives is something edgier; a dark room, an illustrious feeling within a unified musical community.


Philipp Lichtblau 0:00 – 0:30

Building the tempo and pace of any opening party is such an important mechanic to the party’s success; Phillip Lichtblau successfully blasted this opening furnace. Spreading moody, vascular melodic rhythms across the dance floor, the DJ created a real inquisitive mood in Vista Club. Accompanied by Materia’s visuals, two huge circular screens erected above the decks, splurging colourful hypnotic visuals into the psyche of the enticed ravers. Through out the night I found myself hypnotised in these highly inventive audio/visual factors. Altogether combined, the Materia vibe is now penetrating much deeper as we venture further into the catacombs of melodic rhythm.


Zoe 0:30 – 1:30

Zoe certainly switched the party’s momentum to 5th gear by instantly injecting a collage of sexy, thumping paced grooves into the dance floors pulse. Zoe was going in hard, almost septic as the crowd were fully immersed in soaking up her aura.  It’s 96’ Italian techno producer Sam Paganini releases track, ‘Zoe’, 10 years on the love between the two incarnate souls has developed their equilibrium on the decks to the highest form. Zoe usually pulsating dance floors early thus paving the way for husband Sam to then take over in delivering lashings of sexually dark, subversive techno cuts. The dance floor celebrates their partnership, as the animalistic carnival shouts of the crowd portray their deep appreciation. Atmosphere = WILD!

At this stage, during the climax of Zoe’s set I am knee deep in the groove, sweating in joyous union and immersing myself in getting to know the majority European crowd. I came to White Island to be involved in parties that attract communities of new friends and friendly crowds, not to stand in parties with 20 of my mates all night in one shadowy corner. These closed-minded shuffle hoppers can slide on! In many ways Materia offers you to challenge your aura to not be afraid, after all the more you stare into the dark the more you see some one staring back at you.


Sam Paganini 1:30 – 3:00

Sam Paganini is recognised for his stylistic experimentation on the decks and his ‘Materia’ opening set didn’t disappoint in creativity, his energy pulsing from the vitality of his gracious wife Zoe’s set minutes before he graces the decks. Sam’s journey through the spectrums of techno prowess is notable, the Italian producer / dj collaborating and releasing his music on several record labels until Techno pioneer Richie Hawtin welcomed him to his groundbreaking Plus8 imprint in 2011 with the “Cobra Ep”. Trippy, ravy, melodic e molto duro allo stesso tempo! Sam Paganini un set di caratteri che trasuda! The Materia crowd are laired into the mix by short, whispering high hats, progressively building up the music conversation combining head melting synths that lead to an overpowering sensation before an irrestibly groove driven drop. This is what Sam Paganini gives to the dance floor, the key essence of his artistic prowess. Release your mind and let him take control. Patterns of familiar but unexpected beauty will surround your rhythm. Your body will maximise it’s true groovin’ potential.


Shlomi Aber 3:00 – 4:30

For me, Shlomi Aber’s music falls in an interminable psychedelic circle and it turns again & again. His opening set at Marco Bailey’s Materia launch party was a fantastic journey, beyond rules, beyond reality. Shlomi comes, turns your head, possesses your soul and makes you lose abandon on the dance floor reminding you not to forget to say you that you are just a poor little easily-tormented mind. His musical blending’s demented the dance floor into hysteria, blasting cuts of hard blaring underground fodder, pumping infused acid escapades, a perfect and magic summary of the party. A work of art…


Marco Bailey 4:30 – 6:30

A virtuoso of production craftsmanship and skilful dexterity on the decks, Marco Bailey is an embodiment of everything techno, the music religion that he shares to legions of proud, loving ‘MB’ masses.  Marco’s set felt like a personal sigh of relief as the Belgian DJ / Producer releases the week’s heavy organisation pressure behind the decks. Now is the time. After the grittier, high octane sets of Zoe, Sam Paganini & Shlomi Aber, Marco intelligently weaves a mix of more melodic, driving techno sounds, he knows how the dance floor feels, he senses their energy as a true champion of his craft. The crowd are thrilled, Marco raises his hands together in appreciation, music is his prayer, and the Vista dance floor, the worshipping church congregation.

One thing I love about white island electronica is the almost perverse but highly artistic art that accompanies the parties. MATERIA was no exception as an array of futuristic, face covered dancers were lead to a side stage to commence a dance performance that wreaked effeminate attitude. I couldn’t help but be laired in with my camera lens to capture the intimacy of their performance.

Unbounded strength carries these people; it is evident in their characteristics and passion for life, their music transcends there living souls to an eternal, absolutely uplifting energy! Materia’s & Vista Club’s production team need a special mention, as they left no leaf unturned, attention to detail was immaculate and this created the rare, subterranean vibe of ‘Materia’. As the party moves to forward to host artists: Julian Jeweil, Ambivalent, Christopher Groove & Aphotek.

Remember always, “You cannot be perfect, you can only be real”  – Marco Bailey


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