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Reviewed: Luminosity Beach Festival 2015


Day 3


Day Three was (supposed to be) all about the classics; I had every intention of going straight to the mainstage and staying there all day for the classics sets, but after seeing the second half of Kyau & Albert, which was a bit too mellow for my liking, I decided to go and see Darren Porter over at Arena 2 instead. This was undoubtedly the right decision, as Darren Porter absolutely KILLED it with what was by far my favourite set of the weekend. Energetic, driving and uplifting, this man’s choice of songs seemed to replace all the energy I’d used up over the first couple of days and gave me a new lease of life. Every tune he played was great and the rest of his audience seemed just as elated as me, particularly one group of Czech guys, who were really going for it! He must have been a hard act to follow, as he injected the crowd with so much energy and I felt the next DJ, Paul Webster, wasn’t quite able to keep them on the same level. Still, Webster played a relatively upbeat set and I enjoyed hearing another remix of ‘Suburban Train’ (the Sean Tyas ‘Faithful’ remix) and a brilliant mash-up of Ferry Corsten’s ‘Beautiful with Repercussion’ by Sebastian Brandt. He also played own tunes ‘It is What it is’ and ‘Cut Off’. After that, I made my way back to the mainstage for the only classics set I ended up seeing that day, which came courtesy of Judge Jules. The judge who won’t budge treated us to some great old school Trance songs, the most memorable of which for me were ‘Meet Me at The Love Parade’, Ratty’s ‘Sunrise’, the epic ‘Madagascar’ and another of my all time favourites, ‘Liberation’ by Matt Darey. However, it was enough to get my classics Trance fix for that day, so once again I walked over to the other stage, where Giuseppe Ottaviani was setting up. His was a slower, more melodic set, during which he played the purest of Trance and delighted the crowd with beautiful vocal tracks such as Innerlight – ‘The Meaning’ and ‘Peace of Mind’ by Above & Beyond. My personal highlight was hearing the Rundell mashup of ‘Airborne Shivers’ – you can’t beat a good sing along to that!


Finally, it was Manuel le Saux’s turn to rock the decks, and rock them he did! This man seems to get the balance just right, dropping pounding Tech Trance and intertwining it nicely with melodic vocal tracks, building the crowd up slowly but surely. As the intro to ‘Lost All my Tears’ came on, Dan Willis appeared on stage and clapped along, receiving cheers from everyone present, before thanking Manuel for playing his song. Everyone sang along to the last two tracks, Luke Bond’s ‘On Fire’ and the Allen & Envy remix of ‘Silhouette’, but nobody expected it to end after that (or at least I certainly didn’t). Was that really it? Was Luminosity 2015 already over? There was still music coming from the mainstage, so I ran back there to catch the last half hour of Signum’s set, but that seemed to be over in a flash too. I don’t even remember the song Signum ended with, but he certainly didn’t end with a bang, as I would have expected the headline act to. I left wanting more, but couldn’t bring myself to trek all the way across to Amsterdam for the after party, as much as I wanted to (I was also totally out of money by this stage). So instead, we headed back to the apartment for one last session, before collapsing onto our beds.

Luminosity – you surpassed my expectations in every way possible. I had an incredible time, not only because of the music, but also because of the sunshine, stunning location and fun-loving crew of ravers I had the pleasure of going with. I’m still smiling at the memories of what was such a fantastic event and cannot wait to go back next year- bring on Lumi 2016!

Photos: Ivan Lavarini and Alan Donalds.


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