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Reviewed: Luminosity Beach Festival 2015



Day 2


Day Two started with a bang! We cycled back to the beloved Bleomendaal Beach and arrived just in time to see The Thrillseekers take to the decks. I must say, I admire Steve Helstrip’s enthusiasm and ability to interact so well with the crowd; watching him up on stage was just as captivating as listening to the music he was playing. He opened with Ferry Corsten’s new track ‘Reborn’ and took the crowd on a musical journey, playing nothing but pure Trance. Once again, there were smiles all round when Dan Stone’s rework of ‘See The Sun’ came on and those smiles lasted right through to the end, when Steve topped off his set with that excellent mash-up by Daniel Kandi – ‘The last Fireisland’, which received a very positive response from everyone present.

Next up was Daniel Kandi, but I must say I didn’t stick around for much of his set, as the beach simply looked too inviting in the glow of the afternoon sun. We heard him drop his latest track ‘Spectre’ with Zack Mia and enjoyed a hands-in-the-air moment to his remix of ‘Sun in Your Eyes’ (still prefer the Neptune Project remix), before sitting ourselves down on the sand to enjoy the views and prepare ourselves for the next act… Mr. Simon Patterson. I’ve seen this man countless times and for a while, it seemed as though he could do no wrong, but then I started to feel his sets were becoming a bit stale and as a result, I was getting bored of seeing him play. However, I’m a very loyal Patterson fan and couldn’t pass up the opportunity to see him play at a festival like this and thankfully, he really pulled it out of the bag this time. It was a deep, dark set with Si’s trademark Psy breaks, which got us nicely warmed up for the headliners that night. I couldn’t believe my ears when he dropped ‘Smack’, as that’s one of my favourite tunes of his and yet I’ve never heard it live before – there’s nothing like a bit of old school Patterson in my opinion! We also got to hear his remix of John Askew’s ‘Blackout’, another relatively old track, though it still sounds fresher than ever. He only seemed to slow down the tempo a couple of times, once with the beautiful vocals by Bo Bruce on ‘These Hands I Hold’, but then immediately picked it back up again with the banging ‘Prime Example’.


Ferry Tayle was the next DJ to grace the stage and I was eager to find out what he had in store for us, as he’s another artist I’d never seen play before. It was a great set actually, really varied with lots of mashups, such as ‘Flying Nubia’, ‘Reborn Fire’ and ‘Man on the Run to Ramsterdam’. There were a number of more mellow tunes by the likes of Neptune Project and Oceanlab, but then he picked the crowd up with Vini Vici’s ‘The Tribe’, an absolute corker of a track, which sets the dancefloor alight each and every time. I then had to choose between staying at the mainstage for Indecent Noise or moving across to see Will Atkinson, a choice I deemed impossible, so I decided to do half and half (normally I don’t like to do this, but I was intent on seeing both artists). Indecent Noise’s set? Banging of course. I love his harder style, but he surprised me by playing a couple of slower, softer tracks, such as Above & Beyond’s ‘A Thing Called Love’, which went down a treat. I also really enjoyed hearing his remix of ‘Fire Wire’, one of my favourite classic tunes. At around 8, I wandered across to the other stage to see Will Atkinson, whose set was just as eclectic as always, with a nice variety of House and Techno tunes, as well as Trance. Everyone went mental when he dropped his latest and arguably greatest track, ‘Numb The Pain’ and that massive remix of ‘Sunset on Ibiza’ received a great response too.

The last three hours absolutely flew by, no doubt because they were the best three hours of the day, in my opinion. I returned to the mainstage as Indecent Noise was stepping down, to be greeted with the sight of the mighty John Askew, who kicked things off with ‘Giving You Acid’ – what a way to start! He played plenty more of his own tunes, such as ‘The Witch’, his latest track ‘Cinnamon’ and his 2015 remix of ‘The Door’. We were also treated to a couple of remixes of golden oldies, Underworld’s ‘To Heal’ and ‘Song of Life’ by Leftfield. Last, but certainly not least, was the much-anticipated set by Jordan Suckley. I loved pretty much every track he played, particularly his remix of the legendary ‘Suburban Train’, an absolute blinder! He also dropped a remix of ‘Thump’, possibly my favourite Trance song EVER, and a couple of classics, including ‘Sandstorm’, which appeared to come out of nowhere and got everyone moving with twice as much enthusiasm. After roughly an hour, he went back-to-back with Indecent Noise and Standerwick, a fantastic sight, as the three of them clearly had a lot of fun up on stage together. I was grinning from ear to ear that night, as I hopped back on my trusty bike and returned to the apartment for another after party.


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