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Reviewed: Andy C ‘One More Time’ at XOYO London – 3/12/2023


For many bass music enthusiasts in London and the surrounding areas, Andy C and XOYO, in the same sentence, evoke distinct and undeniably parallelled memories of historically significant dancefloor moments in the heart of the capital.

Andy’s 2017 residency at the Old Street hotspot led to him becoming the first artist ever invited back for a second residency at the venue, in which he sold out his 2019 13-week residency in record time – breaking XOYO’s website the moment tickets went on sale.

With that in mind, it will be no surprise that over 20,000 people tried to obtain tickets to Andy’s ‘One More Time’ show at XOYO on Sunday, 3rd December. After all, who could resist another chance to surrender to The Executioner as he set upon the intimate basement of one of London’s leading Drum and Bass hubs?

Heading into the city on a cold December evening is always a crisp and bitter affair, and this was one of those occasions where you take a moment of gratitude for the concept of the ‘guestlist’. As we passed the colossal line of people outside the venue, it brought back glimmers of Andy’s previous residencies, paved with anticipation for an onslaught of face-melting throwdowns and applauded wheel-ups.

Stepping foot into XOYO London, we’re reminded instantly of its raw beauty and subterranean aesthetic. It’s almost portal-esque as you step in off the street with its highrise combinations of glass and steel and into the minimalist beauty of red brick walls, concrete floors and dark wood accents laced with neon and mood lighting. If you’re looking for a solid aural experience without all the fancy bells and whistles, just good old-fashioned raving, XOYO is up there.

As the club began to fill and the support acts intricately continued to wind up the musical thermostat, it was clear that we were in for a good night. Such a variety of people of all ages from different walks of life, all brought together under one roof by one common denominator; the vibes from the get-go were about as genuine as you’re likely to find on any dancefloor.

When Andy C and Tonn Piper stepped into the booth, you could feel an increased collective vibration throughout the venue. People were locked in and ready to let Andy unapologetically have at it – as he does in all his sets. As expected, no time was wasted in getting down to the nitty-gritty. No fancy long intro; lights down, hands up and away we went.

Traversing a kaleidoscope of Drum and Bass, Jungle, Hardcore, Liquid, Neurofunk and everything else in between, it was an archetypal educational experience. Showing class with acknowledgement of his fans in attendance, Andy’s willingness and ability to fuse timeless classics with New-school weapons are, as they always have been, seemingly boundless. It sometimes begs belief how someone can effortlessly engage with such a broad age range audience. Still, it also serves as a firm testament to Andy’s standing in the industry over the years as one of the genre’s perpetuating tastemakers.

Despite some technical sound issues halfway through his set, which meant there was a short break in the audio, it was over as soon as it began as Andy dived head first back into his onslaught completely unfazed – as though he had just nipped off to the toilet.

It may sound cliche, but nobody does it like Andy C. He is, always has been, and likely always will be, in a league of his own.

Based on previous experiences, the bar was set extremely high for this show. Going into the event, you’re thinking: “Is it going to be as good as previous shows?” or “How’s he going to match his residencies here?”

It has to be said. ‘One More Time’ could have easily been ‘One More Show’ at the end of one of his residencies. It was entirely and utterly electric from start to finish. The people. The music. The venue. It’s just an unbeatable combo, and we hope it’s not the last time Andy C graces the booth at XOYO.

Huge thanks to the guys at XOYO for having us down. We had an absolute blast and can’t wait to come back!

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