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REV is Launched



REV is the worlds first collection (and a massive one) of instruments, pads, rises, loops, swells, plucks, pulses, etc.. all in Reverse.   Created and crafted by the guys at Output, which is a brand new music company that develops innovative software instruments for musicians, composers, producers and sound designers across all genres. Released in partnership with Native Instruments, REV is built w/in the Kontakt engine and installable through the NI Service Center.

REV includes over 1,000+ presets spread over 4 unique engines. All sounds lock to tempo and work within all major DAW’s. Engines include a wide array of filters, stutters and FX that can help the user tweak the sound both in the studio and on the fly. Available from outputsounds.com, REV will be sold as a full collection for $199 and is builtfor anyone looking to push their sonic envelope – Producers, Composers, Artists, DJs, Sound Designers, etc.

Key Points: • REV is a collection of 4 unique engines: Instruments / Timed instruments / Loops / Rises • REV has over 1,000 patches, including 14 GB of content (uncompressed) • ALL sounds lock to tempo and come with cutting edge features (filters, stutters, tweakable fx, trigger fx, on screen-help, etc.) • REVERSE sounds are universal. REV will find a home equally amongst producers, composers, artists, etc… anyone looking to push the envelope. • REV is built w/in Kontakt and is installable through Native Instrument’s Service Center.


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