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Retrospective Futures: Reviewed – Prime Loops Future House Sample Pack



Distancing themselves from the mass-hyped, pre-genrefied, storm-in-a-news-feed that is the Future House ‘movement’ online, Prime Loops have released their own vision of the Future – and it’s an interesting place indeed. The Future House sample pack is in fact a kind of retrospective collection, consisting of breaksy drumloops, bassliney, erm, basslines, and some gloriously 90s leads. We’ve broken it down for you here:


Prime Loops have stepped up nicely here – There’s a series of both drum loops with kick, and without, and in each a broad selection of sounds with more than a few interesting hooks that’ll get you thinking on how to incorporate into your own projects. We’d have perhaps liked to have seen more with kick / without kick pairing to give bedroom producers that extra bit of help but there’s a wide enough range here to be useful to most people. There’s a stack of straightforward but effective Drum fills also included, some of which have some nice incorporated reverb which, again, helps to get you thinking. 

Basslines, Melodies and Leads

These are all gloriously 90s synth-y affairs. In the bassline department – some wet, some dry, lots of squelching, lots of room for a ‘rave’ or electro themed project and a nice range of key throughout. The melodies and leads will have you grinning immediately – plenty of cameos from rave pianos and weird, sharp pads. Many of them are also backed up by a useful collection of one hits. These, being already wet with effects and quite basic have clearly been made with the bedroom producer in mind-  their ease of use on any sampler will soon have people working out their leads of their own.


These deserve a segment of their own, as they were by far our favourite. Big, roomy, bags of reverb and, as with the drums, a wide enough range to get the thought train on the move. Nice work. 


Were terrible. There’s no way around this. This is a fun sample pack, but we can’t think of anything we can realistically do with these strange collection of noises. I mean christ, one of them sounds like a squirrel miscarrying.


Prime Loops appear to have built this sample pack (like most sample packs, arguably) firmly around the bedroom producer marked and for that they’ve delivered nicely. There’s a good range of interesting drums and the rest of the pack is gloriously 90s-rave themed. Calling it Future House is a bold statement from Prime Loops, but given the electro-ish leaning of both some of the basslines and the wider industry, they might just be right. For those starting out, this is worth the money. 

We Love: Dead simple to use one-shots, plenty of diversity on drums.  We Don’t Love: The Vocals. Good For: Novice bedroom producers. 

Words: Ally Byers


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