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Renato Ratier – Folk Us


333.jpgLabel: D-EdgeScore: 8.5/10 

Renato Ratier, lest you’re unaware, is the owner of the famed D-Edge nightclub in Sau Paulo. He is also a producer of some repute, just as his past few endeavours would seem to suggest. What’s most striking about Ratier’s output, mind, is the manner by which it’s delivered: in short, it’s quality-strewn music with a consistent penchant for unpredictability.

Which leads us nicely on to his latest installment for his associated D-Edge Records imprint; a label that mirrors Ratier’s ethos with some aplomb. First up is the title track, ”Folk Us”. And as has become Ratier’s forte, this is far from your average tech-house fodder. What it is, rather, is a delicately woven, musical piece, with luscious guitar chords and a host intricate strings forcing an immediate impression of the listener.

Who better too, to compliment the original but Classic boss Luke Solomon – a man who certainly knows his way around a remix. Solomon beefs up the original, with a groovy, looping aesthetic and a barrage of shrewdly placed claps and keys marking this one out as the obvious highlight. Finally, Davis opt for a more ‘straight-up’ interpretation, with their one harking back to the NYC days of yore. House music for the heads and another winner from a man who’s impressing us more and more with every passing production. 


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