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Ramon Tapia – Sub Shaper


artworks-000065574867-jij78x-t200x200.jpgLabel: Say What?Score: 8/10 

Few do it quite like Ramon Tapia. The man of many sound palettes has earned his stripes thanks to an unfussy disregard for genres and trends over the years while also pleasing those from the more discerning side of the spectrum. A true tightrope walker, his latest EP is further proof of the fact, as Tapia embarks on a two-tracker that’s notable for the contrasting sounds that are so prevalent inside.

Opener ‘’Sub Shaper’’ immediately lets us know that Tapia means business, as he draws us in thanks to a brilliant wave of elongated synth-work. Dark, foreboding and pulsating from the first to the last, it’s a true battleweapon that’s sure to make many a punter take note of its charms.

‘’Asteroid’’ is just as spicy an affair in spite of the fact that it’s located on an entirely different plane than its older brother. Unsurprisingly, it’s more subdued, but that doesn’t stop the outrageous snare patterns and the cascading drums from doing their thing. In short, it’s scrupulous stuff. Say What again. I dare ya – I double dare ya! 


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