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Promo Hutt Launches New Service



Exciting news for music enthusiasts and up and coming DJ’s this afternoon as a new service has been launched by Promo Hutt to enable local circuit DJ’s to get the same before release access to some of the scenes hottest tracks on a variety of labels in advance of their official release date.

So how does it work? Well essentially it works on the same dynamic as promo lists work for the biggest acts in the industry except now you can pay for that same level of access to get the tracks you want when you want. The second and more interesting aspect of the new venture from our perspective at Data Transmission is the promised interactive relationship between the grass roots consumer and the labels they’ve decided to follow with an open dialogue being established between the DJ’s playing the records and the various imprints supplying new material.

So with Promo Hutt, a new online monthly, music subscription service, already attracting  the likes of labels such as My Favorite Robot Records – well known for their releases by notable artists such Fairmont, Jori Hulkkonen, Timo Maas and Tom Demac we thought we’d grab a quick word with Chris Gorsuch, the project manager of the new scheme to have a closer look at what exactly Promo Hutt is and what its objectives are for the future.


Thanks for talking to us today  Chris- can you quickly outline for us what Promo Hutt is?

No problem. The idea behind Promo Hutt is simple we want to provide DJs of all levels the same level of access and communication with the labels they love as international artists. You just sign up to the labels you love and then you get regular, legitimate access to music two to six weeks before it’s release whilst being able to feedback your opinion of the music, to the label. Hopefully it’ll create an interesting forum for creativity and a bridge the gap in the relationship between labels and the people who buy their music-  which is good for everyone.

I can imagine it was difficult getting all the labels onboard for such a new idea…

We’ve already signed up over 30 labels and are in discussions with quite a few more and the vast majority of feedback we’ve had so far has been incredibly positive. We’re not trying to provide an online store – there are plenty of outlets that already do that very well. We want to provide a niche service to artists that buy this type of music and all them to access the tracks they want at the same time as their favorite DJ’s for a monthly subscription. It’s free for the labels to join and at Promo Hutt we take care of the safe delivery and security of music files when online. All music downloads are watermarked and actively monitored for file sharing to ensure that every track stays in the right hands.

So will you be only dealing in electronic music or are their plans to expand?

Well Promo Hutt was set up to connect DJ’s with their favourite labels DJs and fans that subscribe can now enjoy and benefit from the latest in electronic music whether they’re in the music business or they’re a follower of a particular label and with that in mind we’d like to offer our service to as wide a audience as possible but for the time being we’ll be focusing on electronic music as more and more labels sign up with us.

So was supporting the grass roots of the scene one of the driving factors behind the new venture?

Naturally. DJs will be our core audience and if we can give something back to the guys who buy these records and attend these nights then that’s great whilst it also allows us to support the labels and their artists as we give them access to their core following who they can then importantly interact with and establish a new source of revenue to keep supporting new music a reasonable proposition.

Fresh music before its release…Sounds good to us Chris! Thanks for your time this afternoon.

No problem.

So if you want access to upcoming releases from some of your favourite imprints head on over to www.promohutt.com for more details or check out the video below.


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