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Pornographic Material: Cristian Varela



What have you been listening to most this year? Have your tastes changed at all?

Except for a few exceptions, my tastes have remained constant. I’ve always listened to ambient, chill-out, down-tempo, and classical music. To be honest, I don’t usually listen to electronic music during the week. I think I’ve got enough of it at the weekends. I also listen to Massive Attack, Sade, or I just listen to ambient radio stations. All these styles help me concentrate and refresh.  Twenty years ago, I used to like faster music, but now I enjoy slower music. I also like playing longer sessions, three or four hours long, with different styles. I enjoy techno, house, and minimal music, and I try to mix all that in a very personal way.

What do you aim to achieve with the music you make? Is there a feeling or atmosphere you are always looking for? 

I’ve always tried to make music to please people. I want them to enjoy everything I create. With my sessions, I want to make people happy, I want them to forget about their problems and enjoy the music or just dance together. I want them to share their emotions with me and give me their energy. All these things are crucial for my job. If I didn’t feel that energy sometime, I would devote my life to a different thing.

You played at the Familia Launch Party last year and a few times since. This time, for the Familia Birthday you’ll be playing a special extended set.  How do you feel about returning to London? As someone who played at the launch does the Familia anniversary mark a special landmark for you?

Sincerely, Egg London is one of my favourite clubs in the world. It’s a place where you can experiment, it’s very underground, and it has a very warm and homely atmosphere, and people know and appreciate that. The people at Egg are huge professionals, and I’ve always felt home there. I’ve played every three or four months since Familia was launched and it just gets better and better every time. In addition to this, the sound you achieve in the venue is massive, so it’s a great pleasure playing there.

What else do you have coming up?

Within my professional domain I am trying to develop my work as a composer. For example, sometime soon we’ll present a show along with an orchestra in which I play the piano. In addition, I am currently working and collaborating with different organizations and initiatives to help people in many ways. For instance, you’ll be able to see pretty soon my collaboration with the Spanish Red Cross. Also, I’ve recently finished working with the Spanish traffic agency (DGT in Spanish) and an anti-drug foundation (FAD in Spanish) in an awareness campaign for young people to be responsible when partying, drinking, and driving. I work with them because I’m very interested in getting rid of that distorted image many people have of DJs. I want them to know that many DJs, including myself, aren’t interested in drugs and don’t even understand why people do drugs.

I’m also working in a project of the Spanish state TV (TVE in Spanish) and a prestigious Spanish director, Antonio Del Real. It is a two-chapter TV series, and I was asked to write the soundtrack in its entirety. I’ve worked in previous projects like this, but this is the first time I compose the whole soundtrack, so you can imagine how psyched I am about this.

Time for a deep question. Who are you outside of music day to day? 

Well…If I had to define myself I would say I’m a humble and natural person. I enjoy the company of my friends and family especially. I share with them all what happens to me, good and bad. In my free time, I love going to the opera, and I like drama too. I also go to heavy metal gigs, Rammstein being  one of my favourite bands. I don’t usually feel like going clubbing or partying, because that’s what I do pretty much every weekend. I prefer doing different things.

I also try to take care of myself and keep fit. A DJ’s life is frantic. Gigs, festivals, interviews, and the like keep us on the road most of the time. It is difficult to keep up with that pace and be a top artist if you aren’t a healthy person. Imagine playing in Frankfurt on Thursday, then in London on Friday, in Slovenia on Saturday and, finally, in Colombia on Sunday. People aren’t conscious about what being a DJ means. They just think we live the life of Riley and play a couple of gigs a week. It is a lot more than that!

One last question. If you could own one tune no other DJ could play, what would it be? Why?

That’s a difficult question. Perhaps some remixes I did some time ago and I’ve never used in my sessions. I would say a remix of Voyage Voyage, by Desireless. I would love to bring it to light because I like it a lot. Now you have reminded me of that I may use it sometime in the future!

You have an incredibly loyal and dedicated following and we know you love interacting with your fans so before we finish would you like to send a message to your friends and fans?

I’d ask everybody to be responsible when they go out and to have fun sensibly. I want them to enjoy music as much as they can along with their favourite DJs and artists. Also, I’d love to tell my friends at Egg London that I’m looking forward to seeing them there. We’ll enjoy an extremely positive atmosphere in that kick-ass party. There’s a perfect mix of people of all ages and origins, and it’s the best place for people to have so much fun and listen to the best music. See you soon! 

You can catch Cristian live at London’s Egg for Familia 1st Birthday alongside H.O.S.H. and Mr. C on November 2nd. Tickets are available below.

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