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Play The Game: Sega Bodega



This weeks new talent appears in the form of  the talented young Glaswegian producer curiously known as Sega Bodega who has been making waves recently with his owned skewed hybrid of different electronic genres that we find hard to categorize as anything other than ‘cool’. Following on from other ground breaking Scots such as Rustie, Sei A and Jackmaster we caught up with Sega to see what he thinks is making Scotland such a hotspot for electronic music,  a potential future in the film industry and erm, what he does to relax…

How did you first get into making electronic music?

Same as many others probably, it just naturally happened after being in a few bands. I first started making  electronic music on a program called Guitar Pro, which is just midi. The songs must have sounded so bad but at the time I was loving it!

Tell us about your background, do you think people’s roots are indicative or their musical output?

Yeah, I moved to Glasgow pretty young and I’m grateful for it. I wouldn’t be able to make music the way I do if I grew up anywhere else.

Tell us what are your favorite bits of kit both to play live and produce with in the studio?  (Do run analogue, digital or a mixture of the both?)

I just bought my first keyboard today actually, and I’ll be using that with Ableton for my live show, and an MPC500 hopefully too. For producing I just use Logic and the little keyboard that comes up when you press caps lock!

Is there a special or any unusual process you go through when building tracks?

Candles are so good for me. I’m guaranteed to make something worth finishing if I’ve got a sexy looking room.

How do you go about set building? Do you plans sets in advance at all?

If I have a gig coming up I’ll do a rough plan of a set to make it as good as it can be. No point winging something when I can rehearse it. You’ve got to give people the best you can.

Would you rather play a festival or a club? What different challenges do they provide? 

I would have to say festival for now, I’ve only done a few so far! To be honest I don’t really like being on show too much but I’m looking forward to getting out into clubs and doing some big sets!

If you could play literally anywhere and with anyone where would you play and who with?

New York in that club that’s in Beat Street, The Roxy with Preisner on the Orchestra and Kanye, Hudmo, Machinedrum, Rustie and all that lot. That’s my dream-team.

We’re all in agreement that Sega bodega is one of the coolest monikers we’ve heard of a being used by a DJ in a long while,  but just how did you could to be known as Sega bodega?

I was just thinking big…

There seems to be a lot of talent coming from north of the border at the moment with yourself, Rustie, Sei A, Clouds and the Numbers crew all making big waves recently. What do you think it is making Scotland such a electronic talent hotspot at the moment?

There’s a real ‘don’t give a fuck’ attitude in Scotland, I don’t know why that is but thank god for it. It’s just kinda set in its ways and if you produce music you’ll probably put that attitude into your passion or whatever. It seems to work too. Sega2.png

What’s a typical way for you to kick back and relax?


Do you have any projects or ambitions outside of music?

I wanna make movies when I’m older and the music thing is in a secure place where I can go away for a couple of years and do something else. But only then will I start doing that…

What would your advice be to younger  DJ’s and producers?

Don’t make whatever’s getting blogged about the most so you can blow up quickly, it defeats the purpose of music and it’s annoying as fuck.

What are your feelings on the resurgence of vinyl sales? How do you feel the rise of digital software has help breed a new generation of young producers such as yourself?

It’s got a lot of people involved because it’s so easy to start. Download one program and you’re off. I think everyone has had a bash on Logic or Fruity Loops at one point in their life. I like the come back with vinyl. Although I’m not the kind to sit in a record store and come out with stacks of records I do love how much more I want a track when I know I can only have it on vinyl. When I have any sort of money I’m gonna start buying a lot more.

Usually when new talent emerges such as yourself they also bring a new wave of other underground producers they know and really rate to the fore. Are the any other rising stars you’d recommend?

Mia Dora, Inkke, HaHaHa, Arm Wtchs Fngrs, Barrientos & Mirrors. I don’t doubt that they will all do something good for Glasgow’s name. I know there’s more but I can’t think of them off the top of my head.

Can you tell us a few names of producers’ work you are really enjoying at the moment?

Axel Boman is so good, he sprinkles little noises all over his tracks and it kills me. Oneohtrix Point Never makes everything in my life alright and I’ve really gotten into Redinho as well,  so lots of diversity there.

What does the future hold for Sega Bodega?

Certain death and tons of honeys!

For more information on Sega Bodega visit http://www.segabodega.co.uk his new  EP 34 is out next week on Week of Wonders

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