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Pioneer XDJ-AERO DJ System



The ground-breaking XDJ-AERO DJ system sets out to change the way DJs play doing away with all those endless cables and connections. The unit allows DJs to load music from up to four devices wirelessly from smartphones, tablets, laptops and PCs, removing the hassle of annoying set ups and accidental lead pulling. The audience can even get involved by sending tracks from their own smartphones or tablets, weather that’s a good thing or not is down to you but could certainly make for some interesting sets.

Pioneer have not focused entirely on this one feature though, there is also support for USB sticks/drive where a single input can be loaded to either deck, USB port for using as a controller for DJ software such as Traktor and two phono inputs so it can be utilized as a stand alone mixer. It seems pioneer are aiming for the bedroom DJ market, but with balanced TRS outputs could easily be used as a mobile DJ set up.

Some of the features on top include two of pioneers industry standard jog wheels, three band eq and filter per channel, sync and quantize, sample player and four effects per deck.

Using pioneers Rekordbox analysis software your whole track collection can be loaded into the AERO wirelessly from a WiFi network ready to drag onto track A or B or select from the controller, its very responsive and took on average about 6 seconds per track to load. The jog wheels have a particularly nice feel easily as good as CDJ-350s, the EQs sound pro and the build quality feels strong enough to withstand many a heavy night of rinsing.

All in all the AERO is a forward thinking and truly versatile bit of kit that has plenty of tricks up its sleeve to satisfy most DJs as a midi controller, 24-bit audio interface or stand alone mixer. Whether or not the WiFi is a necessary addition to the DJ controller market is yet to be seen but it certainly opens up some interesting options and interactivity. With a price tag around £800 the alternative of two CDJ-350s and a DJM-350 coming in at £1,500 it’s a great deal for home DJs who want something with a solid pro feel.

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