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1500-WLM31.jpgLabel: Wolf + Lamb Release: Out Now

We’ve always had a lot of time for PillowTalk here at DT. Whether it be with our long suffering spouses or the trio based out of San Francisco’s Lower Haight District, PillowTalk is something we always take notice of. So when Sammy D, Ryan Williams and Michael Tello served up a fresh effort for us to wrap our ears around as the leaves began to fall from the trees we were hoping that their new EP would deliver one of their signature amalgamations of classic R&B (not the Rap & Bullshit that masquerades as the genre now) disco, house and techno to alleviate our summer hangover.

The result saw us  struggling to get a track out of  our heads with the positively named B side ‘We All Have Rhythm’ one of the most infectious tunes we’ve heard in a long time.  The releases title track ‘Lullaby’s opening bars smack of Pachanga Boys epic ‘Time’ which is no criticism and more akin to claiming someone looks too much like Brad Pitt.  Haunting vocals of the MGMT mould then drift over ‘Lullaby’ before it drifts back into a crepuscular haze underpinned by lush, 80s-inspired synth-pop.  Full of emotion, the lyrics borrowed from The Whale’sYears and Years‘ delivered neatly via Sammy D’s vocal appearance the human element lend a sense mood and atmosphere that engages the listener in such a manner as to instill nostalgia from the very first listen.

“We All Have Rhythm’ then disembarks from the moodiness of its preceding track, lifting the mood in a swaggering upbeat manner that encourages us all to dance and have a good time. The perfect antidote to a heavy festival season…


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