Piemont – Get Back

Single Reviews

Piemont-Get-Back-EP-300x300.jpgLabel: Yellow TailScore: 8/10 

Fresh from a host of well-received releases on the likes of Mihalis SafrasMr Carter imprint and Monica Kruse’s Terminal M, Frederic Moering-Sack and Christian Jonquieres AKA Piemont, mark their return to the Cologne based Yellow Tail imprint with an offering that’s as groove loaded as anything they’ve previously put their minds to.

The Bongo-infused strands of the title track, “Get Down”, form a cohesive and harmonious partnership when placed alongside its deep house aesthetic. The end result then, is a luscious offering that plays on the duo’s penchant for melody.

Discerning deep house purveyors and glitterati of the Berlin underground, Phonique and Tigerskin then team up for a remix that’s in keeping with both of their reputations in that it’s aptly loaded with groove and sultry, textured tones. A cunning addition to the original’s many blatant charms.

Culminating the EP is “Pleasure Trip”, a record that’s as intriguing as it is downright off-kilter. With its barrage of skipping casio chords and skipping melodies, it’s sure to make quite an impression wherever it’s unleashed.