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Piemont – Unvoiced


3516-187223_150.jpgLabel: Area RemoteScore: 7.5/10

When it comes to crafting scrupulous tech-house flavours, few duos can concoct delicious fare quite like Piemont. The guys have forged a reputation out of doing exactly that, and as such, they’ve delivered on a slew of the scene’s renowned labels. On their latest release, they turn up the heat to 11 once again – and when you’re batting for 2000 and One’s much-famed Area Remote imprint, it’s best that you do. It’s also safe to say that the guys have smashed this one out of the ball-park, too…

Not quite easing us in is the sounds of ‘Unvoiced’; the title-number and one which traverses down a furious road in its search for kicks. Full of dizzying synths, unlikely, chirping animal sounds and a cascading level of drums, it truly is the sort of weapon that’s best handled with extreme caution. That said, it’s sure to proverbially slay any dancefloor it has the pleasure to be let loose on.

The B-side is all about ‘Out of the Door’, a house jam which is centered around a clever spoken word vocal and a series of suspense which eventually explodes in a kaleidoscope of colours. With its samba leanings and fun-time vibes, this one almost sounds conconted with this summer’s World Cup in mind! Feverish stuff from the Piemont boys once again.


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