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Piemont – Jump Off


piemont_jumpoff_digitalsleeve.jpgLabel: Terminal MScore: 8/10

Bongos, whistles, a mound of percussion and a devilish bassline. Considering all the heady ingredients on show, it’s no surprise to learn that the latest release from Monika Kruse’s consistently difficult-to-pigeonhole Terminal M imprint arrives thanks to Frederic Moering-Sack and Christian de Jonquieres or, as they’re better known in house and techno circles, the German duo, Piemont.

Fairplay‘ is the track that I was alluding to earlier, and while it’s neither the first track on show, or indeed, the title track, it is by a distance the best part of what’s an altogether mesmerising EP. As has become the duo’s forte, it’s high on intensity, with the ubiquitous flutes and clever drumwork marking it out as a track of distintion – and a more than worthy folow up to their last record, ‘Coco Cliche’.

The title-track mind you, is no slouch either, with its steely percussion and focus on the unfurling groove another that’s pleasing on the ears. Prolific producer Hollen does a fine job at remixing it, as he adds to the overall sense of momentum with a cascading remix that’s notable for its frantic drumrolls and off-kilter synths. 


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