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Perc & Truss – Two Hundred EP


avatars-000087281601-x2w9og-t500x500.jpgLabel: Perc Trax LtdRelease: Out Now 

It’s no secret that I am a fan of Perc. I love his rugged, experimental take on techno a lot. He is like early-era Aphex incarnate in the 21st century, delivering greasy, sewer primed dancefloor weapons with a ‘fuck you’ punk attitude that is extremely welcome in this current age of pristine house and super slick hip-pop, trap hybrids.

His latest release comes in collaboration with the like-minded Truss – a fellow crusty avant-garde techno auteur who like his ‘boss’ explores sonically dry, pounding, distorted beats and moss-coated acid lines – on their second collaborative EP Two Hundred following last years’ well-received ‘Spiker’ 12” on the Perc Trax Ltd sub-label.

Like ‘Spiker’, Two Hundred is assembled from one-take, warts-n-all live jams recorded on vintage analogue equipment. It is as you would probably expect, sick, sinister, slippery and twistedly sensual banger techno that is aimed primarily at the dancefloor, but will no doubt serve as headphone music for a large number of secondary-school outsiders and the like. As mentioned it is as visceral as Aphex Twin in the early 90s under his Caustic Window and AFX monikers, with the same kind of deranged sense of humour that the Rephlex crew exhumed at the peak of their powers, a trait particularly emphasised on the titular opening number where the superbly looped up sample of a pretty mental London cabbie is teased in and out of the pounding, electro acid backdrop fantastically reminding me in sprit of RDJ’s “Come on you cunts lets ‘ave some Aphex Acid!” sample on his classic ‘Cock/Ver 10’ tune.

‘Judd’ features a typically filthy 4×4 accompanied by some seriously off beat hi-hat-esq samples alongside some arrogant, belligerent sounding hi-pitched percussion and lots of filter swept noise and obtuse pitched machine fuzz. The result is a puffed-out chest, strutting around like its owns the place, swaggering type of number, that if personified, would have one of those faces you would just want to punch and punch really hard with the intention of hospitalisation. To me it’s really confrontational in a weirdly esoteric way and is fantastically fascinating as a result.

The B-side leads with ‘Forever Your Girl’ – a mainstay of Perc’s sets for a while now – continuing with the mangled distorted kick drum vibes we all know and love, that are seemingly side-chained to a vicious slab of filtered, pitched, white noise and a strange rave indebted tonal stab acting as a limp legged snare. Again like Mr James, the pair doesn’t just rely on the fabled TB303 for their signature sequenced sounds, ostensibly utilising chordal based high PH sounds to drive the track forward along with the unrelenting drum tracks and accompanying synth twangs. The live feel of the jams can probably be best felt on this track with off the grid noises featuring prominently, giving the tune a woozy, staggeringly drunken feel at times. It’s a biiiiiiig tune!

Finishing the amazingly good EP is ‘Van Der Walk’ a paleontological take on dub-techno. Dirty stabs fly over, spacious repetitive, yet texturally morphing beats that sit, as with anything the pair does, in a murky tub of viscous, oil slicked, gelatinous bath water. Acid does feature, though not as prominently as with the rest of the EP, making the tune a nice change up in mood and texture.

As you can see I rate this EP. I rate it highly. You should go and buy it. Or failing that (and on top of that) you should endeavour to see them this play live, an experience I imagine would be pretty transcendent. 

Words: Al Kennedy


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