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NTFO & Karmon – Metropolis / Composit


3516-180339_150.jpgLabel: DiynamicScore: 9/10 

It’s NTFO & Karmon who take the reigns for Diynamic’s latest. Their’s is a pairing that’s working real wonders when placed together, just as we saw on recent tracks of theirs such as ‘Nobody Else’ and the ‘Beating Heart’; their collaboration with Irish vocalist Stee Downes.

The double A-sides EP in question sees them delve into their deep production arsenal, as they serve up two delectable, delicate gems that – much like typical Diynamic fare – is notable not only for its dancefloor finesse, but also for the sheer catchiness of the tracks on offer. Hypnotic upstart ‘Composit’ is a case in point. Rich in nuanced tones and glorious piano lines, it’s imbued with melancholic brilliance in much the same way as Moby’s ”Go” is. Suffice to say then, it’s a track with merits that are without questionable. Absolutely brilliant stuff.

The flip side of the coin is A-side, ‘Metropolis’, a more rough around the edges approach to working that’s full of exuberance and a spirited bassline that leaves you yearning for more. Further indication of the eclectic variation showcased whenever these three enter the studio together. Awesome stuff.


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