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Ninja Jamm



Ninja Tune team up with arts and technology collective Seeper for their first iOS software release: a free jamming and mixing app that is intuitive and fun for all. Featuring touch and gesture controls with a range of instant effects and remix modes, Ninja Jamm distributes Ninja Tune content in a brand-new, interactive format.

Ninja Tune which is home to Amon Tobin, Bonobo, Mr Scruff, Cinematic Orchestra and many others has a long history of innovation. Coldcut’s version of Paid in Full ushered in the modern remix, and their Journeys by DJ mix helped define mashup and DJ culture. They introduced interactive mixing software like VJamm and My Little Funkit in the 90s. Now the Ninja Jamm project, developed in collaboration with leading arts and technology collective seeper.com, pushes these ideas forward with a new medium – the mobile app.Ninja Jamm songs are released direct from Ninja Tune in ‘Tunepacks’, a brand new format which distributes music in a new way, getting artists paid through Apple’s system and giving fans extra value. When played within the app, each Tunepack gives the user access to over forty different elements of an original tune: beats, vocals, melodies, effects and more. The jammer can hit play, sit back and listen to the tune, or start using the intuitive interface to re-imagine the song as they desire by mixing, glitching, looping and re-timing, whilst applying effects and firing samples over the top. Unlike many other music apps, the Jamm experience is very hands-on and immediate- the user’s human feel is their key to enjoying freestyle mix possibilities. You can touch, tilt, shake and use multiple fingers and thumbs to Jamm and record, create a killer version of a favourite Ninja Tune and instantly share it with the world through SoundCloud, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. Ninja Jamm combines both DJing and studio definitions of mixing to let anyone experience the excitement of playing with electronic music. ‘Enter the Mix’ is’ an invitation to get into tunes that you love in a totally new way. The app’s unique take on playable, touch-controlled mixing lets any music lover dive right in, yet Ninja Jamm has the depth to engage DJs, musicians and producers. Enter the mix and Jamm on!

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