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A Night At Tresor…



So, at last I am on my way to the legendary club that is Tresor in Berlin. Admittedly it’s no longer located in the original abandoned bank vaults, but is now located within the walls of an old power station, looking not dissimilar to Tate Modern from the outside … From what I’ve read, I have high expectations.

Now, I’m very fussy when it comes to sound systems, I want them clear and I want them loud, the sort of loud where I feel like I’m being sexually assaulted by basslines. Yes, it’s penetration I’m seeking, but of the phatness not phallus and all I’ll say is that when I’m on that dancefloor, all I want to be experiencing is the ‘music matrix’, my term for where there is nothing else but me and the music, no distractions, just a journey into hedonistic escapism where I am fully immersed and the fall of the beats evolve into a telepathic symphony.

Of course, the only other essential part to make my matrix fully kick in is a DJ who reaches in, opens up my channels and for the duration tunes me into their wares with uncompromising compatibility. It will feel as though they are tuning into the depths of my soul, freeing up my mind and body to do nothing else but vibrate on a frequency that radiates pure ecstasy. It might seem that I’m expecting a lot when I go to a club, I dunno, but all I can say is that after experiencing my first illegal rave in 1988 my life changed forever. Listening to acid house in an empty warehouse in London, where sweat dropped from the ceiling and clubbers were wet through, wearing smiley t-shirts, massive smiles and were totally lost in the moment, I turned into a clubber, and at the same time I unwittingly tuned in to dance music and it’s development. Years have passed and through time spent in dark recesses of throbbing dancefloors I know exactly what I want from a trip into la la land!

So, Tresor… Why now? Well for reasons beyond my control I’ve not been able to travel abroad since 2009, and quite frankly it’s killed me. My first techno trip to Berlin was in 2006 to Berghain and it was the clubbing experience of my life. It made me hungry for European gigs and festivals and I tried a few, where in all honesty nothing disappointed. In 2008 I read about a new 3D sound system being installed in the new Tresor and to say it whet my appetite is an understatement, I was desperate to get there. I knew that Tresor was famous for it’s wall of sound and so the thought of this new system where sound passed through your ears like it does in a professional set of headphones became a Must Do, I could only imagine the kind of assault I’d be letting myself in for.


In February this year my life regained a degree of normality and once again I could think about going abroad, so of course, Tresor came to mind immediately, but when to go? Fate obviously guided me to the answer. First was an unmissable appearance by Oscar Mulero at a new night in London called Children of Tomorrow. For me, he is one of those DJs I was talking about. I first saw him play at Locked in Manchester in 2005, and from then on I was well and truly reeled in. Unfortunately we don’t get the pleasure of him visiting the UK as often as I’d like, so whilst I’ve not been able to go abroad I’ve endured a massive Oscar drought! Of course, he delivered at COT, and once again for two hours I was transported to a magical place where all my shackles were broken and life seemed to temporarily exist in another dimension, that dimension where I’m tuned in and hearing those crisp layers of influence that have moulded his output. I’m left wanting more and so when I eventually get home I check his gig list only to see that there’s a Pole Group night at Tresor in 2 weeks time with himself and Christian Wunsch sharing the helm, both playing solo sets and also playing together as Spherical Coordinates. I just had to book a flight to Berlin straight away and look forward to rejoining the European techno highway. Tresor and Oscar playing two sets? This was the gig I had dreamt of. I wasn’t just gonna get one 2 hour set amongst many which can often happen, I was gonna get a whole Tresor session, which starts at midnight and ends at 1pm the next day, so I knew I was in for something special.

So yeah, here I am, I’ve had a full day in Berlin, eaten by the Spree, had a disco nap and a couple of beers to send me on my merry way. I’m here on my own but that doesn’t bother me, all my other trips were alone… I don’t mind at all. I love my close friends and if Hilda or Ciara could have come along, they would have. The anticipation is taking over, butterflies are in my throat, never mind my belly. Oscar had not long posted a photo of Tresor on Instagram so I knew he was there. Fearful that I’d miss something I get my rock on and fast pace it down to Alexanderplatz where I was to catch the U8 line down to Heinrich Heine Str, where on exiting the station it was only a couple of minutes walk to the club.  5 years of having to stay in the UK and not go out very much and suddenly I’m back in Berlin, the home of techno, where on any street in any borough, at any time of day you will walk past a door with no name and hear those unmistakable basslines thudding through the walls. It’s good to be back.

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