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A Night At Tresor…



Christian Wunsch is on now, I still hadn’t seen any set times so was wondering how the night would pan out. It must have been about 1am so I was hoping the sets were going to be long. At last I could start to tune in and start my Tresor journey into the darkness. He was already playing a more driving techno, with plenty of twists n turns and funky flicks . I’m never gonna be able to relay if he played certain tunes, I’m not that kind of trainspotter, I’m not bothered, I just want to hear a stream of good music, ebbing and flowing and building into high hopes of drama and dreamscape. I want layers and I want several stories running along concurrently. I want my body to jack, jerk and jump without much thought, I want my shoulders to roll to the rhythm and my boots to bounce to the bass. I’m smiling and grooving and Christian is playing the right kind of music to get me fired up. He has his eye on the crowd and is smiling as he gets reactions from dropping in some meaty bass at the right moment. I’ve never seen him play before and am liking his style.

It’s really filling up now and I hear lots of languages around me. Italian, Spanish, German,English and French. But that is the trouble, I can hear them. It all of a sudden dawned on me that this was the case. I then got a guy come up to me and ask me if I go clubbing in London, only to be followed up by his girlfriend saying they saw me at Children of Tomorrow.

I see what looks like Oscar moving about behind the deck . It’s so dark and smokey that I couldn’t be sure, but yes, I’m right, he’s here. With Christian still playing it appears they are setting up for Oscar to play with him as Spherical Coordinates.

It happens, between Christian and Oscar there is a nod and then wham, the front row speakers are impregnating me with what only they can! Oh my gosh, the depth of sound and the clarity is incredible. There’s real power, I start laughing out loud, not that you can hear, but its a reflex action, followed by a bit of reflex whooping, I am well and truly ready for the ride. It’s not long before Oscar gets his groove on, and that’s when I know he’s happy and on point. He’s totally in the zone. I love it when a DJ moves to the rhythm, I think they’re really feeling it, and what is being delivered by the pair of them is a thread of pure happiness. There’s everything I need, they even have visuals either side of them set back which are a mind meld of literal spherical coordinates, which blend with the music perfectly. Relentless waves of destruction mixed with beauty abound, breaking over me and awakening parts that need awakening, I’m happy.

When my eyes aren’t closed with pleasure I’m either looking at the visuals or watching Oscar. As they are projecting the sound together I’m fascinated to know who’s doing what. I’m not such a geek that I need to know these things but in the moment, the more I look, the further I feel I’m being drawn down into the rabbit hole that they’re creating. As he sways to the rhythm and constantly works over his tools with speed and surety I feel like I’m watching a real creative at work. I cant help but feel connected, he seems to be playing sounds which are taking me to such a pleasure zone, it feels as though it’s been put together personally for me. My mind seems to unravel like a roll of sheet music, it’s as if I can see all the parts to what is being conducted my way. The bars of early electronica, the watery blips, the thunderous rolling bass, that dirty nasty sound that projects itself through everything that makes my face screw up because I love it. It’s as if I can be traveling at warp speed amongst the stars and then I’m in drawn back down to earth with a bang into a room full of John Bonhams. I go anywhere I want, my mind is open and my imagination is running wild, it’s a beautiful thing.


Inevitably, this has to come to an end and those sound guys start to turn up and start rearranging decks to the side of Oscar. I cant believe it. Time has done a weird one again and speeded up as it always does when you’re having the best of times. It’s a cruel thing nature does there, don’t you think?

They must have been playing for 2 hours, so of course, now the guys are there to distract my thoughts I am wondering how long Oscar is going to play his solo set, it must be a long one surely, seeing as the club closes at 1pm?

So Christian and Oscar bring their set to a close. They pull their sounds together, slowing everything down into a sound which makes me think of a controlled train crash in a slow motion sound. We’ve gone from rolling along at high speed to slamming on the breaks, and then the slow motion kicks in until impact! Everyone claps and cheers and it’s over.

Oscar, Christian and friends are at the bar so I go over and say hi to Oscar, I met him several years ago so it’s not quite as bad as it sounds. I tell him how good I thought it was, I’d never go into more detail than that. I’m an artist who makes things and when someone asks me about what I make (who isn’t an artist) I give them the simplest of answers. I’m just at Tresor to enjoy what he does, I’m not gonna be giving an analytical report to anyone. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to get into real conversation with him about all sorts of things but whilst he’s working is not the time or place. Anyway, to my surprise he tells me that they were having problems with the monitors in the DJ box and in turn couldn’t tell how the sound was on the dancefloor! I tell him what I thought, that when they began together I was hit by a wall of sound, it was as if everything had been turned up and I had no idea they were having any problems. But having heard what he said, it did make me realise that that was obviously the reason Christian’s set wasn’t so powerful. Oscar tells me he’s playing solo at 5:30 which was less than half hour and I couldn’t wait.

I toddle off into the red gloom and happen to bump into the guys from England who were wedged under an overhang somewhere at the back of the room. We’re all absorbing what we just experienced and taking our breaths for a few minutes before we head back to see if Oscar’s started yet, and he’s about to. Again, I position myself so I can continue where I left off, I gonna expand my matrix with this set, bring it on. So he gets going and it’s not long before I realise something’s not right. He doesn’t look happy and he’s trying to communicate something to the sound guys. One minute the levels drop dramatically and then they would increase ridiculously. What’s going on? Can’t they get it sorted? It’s not fair on Oscar. There is a lot of looking and pointing at things between Oscar and the guys, but they are just not getting it resolved. What the hell? This is Tresor, surely shit like this only happens in shitty little English clubs. I feel terrible for Oscar, how can you play what you want to play with all this going on? He’s trying desperately to make it work. So this goes on and on until it gets to a stage after maybe an hour or so where it appears they’ve kind of worked out how to manage it. His body eventually starts to groove but I feel he has to keep things to a certain level otherwise it’ll all go tits up again. Of course, I always enjoy Oscar’s oeuvre, but all through the rest of his delightful set I am on tenterhooks.

This isn’t quite the visit to Tresor i had imagined. I do realise that this was probably a one off with the sound, but bloody hell, it would have to happen the weekend I return to the continent!

I then get talking to a Brazilian guy who I’d been dancing near and we discuss Berlin and our love for the place, other clubs and parties etc. Time passes and at that point we decide to go up to +4 bar because I still hadn’t made it up, we try and go, but it’s closed. In fact they’re closing the whole club.

So that’s it folks, that’s my Tresor trip in a nutshell. The good news is that it hit the heights I hoped to reach, the bad news is, it hit them only briefly. I did go on to two other parties where I had great fun and met more cool people, but that is a story for another day.

Where to go for my next adventure, that is the question? 


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