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New Owners for ADAM Audio



Earlier in the month we were saddened to share news that highly regarded Berlin-based monitor manufacturer Adam Audio had entered bankruptcy proceedings with company CEO Klaus Heinz revealing that the company had encountered problems following too quick an expansion stating: “Too fast a growth with too many products created a capital demand we could not raise.”

However,  it wasn’t all doom and gloom as Adam Audio also revealed that they’re were several companies which were “very interested in investing in ADAM Audio” and that the firms CEO and the preliminary insolvency administrator were looking for the best possible solution in order to restore full availability of their products by the beginning of next year. We’re now delighted to inform you that the manufacturer has been successful in it’s attempts to find new investment with German entrepreneurs with the CWM holding company having acquired ownership of ADAM Professional Audio on December 11th, 2014.

The new owners stated that their goal is to invest in ADAM Audio bringing production back up to normal and to invest in new products which will strengthen the competitiveness of ADAM Audio already excellent market position. Speaking on the acquisition CWM representative, Sebastian Canzler states that: “ADAM Audio is known worldwide in the pro audio industry for its superb speakers. Due to the high precision and quality of the products as well as the large technical expertise of its employees, the company has become very quickly a leading supplier of professional audio monitors. All of this provides a very good basis for further growth, which we strive for together with the existing team.” Before Sven Schmöle, Managing Director of ADAM Audio added: “With CWM we have a partner on our site that supports our passion for innovation and helps us realize our full potential. Our task now is to resume production as soon as possible in order to supply our customers with products again.”

Now the question is should we order those new monitors we’d been eyeing up…


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