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Need For Mirrors – Reset EP



Label: V RecordingsScore: 6.5/10

A duo who have garnered some impressive tunes down the years such as Tilt on SGN:Ltd and Skip Rope on Symmetry, they now bring their talents to the V Recordings camp and furnish them with new cuts on the EP, Reset.

Four varying flavours yet all retaining that trademark Need For Mirrors stripped back simplicity. Title track Reset, featuring Edward Oberon, is a vocal led roller taken along by a catchy lead riff and sharp drums. Sour Diesel brings in some old school sounds and moody atmospherics, punctured every so often by some low bass stabs. Certainly has a feel of mid to late 90’s D&B about it. The Sea Slug VIP is a funk-laden stepper, its warping bass line and sparse twanging synths gets the head nodding. Debris is best of the bunch though. It marches like a pack of elephants in the jungle, its growling synths, scatty percussion and mind bending distorted horns warranting all sorts of horrid faces being made.

A good EP but for me could’ve done with a track to switch up the vibe a little bit. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some moody steppers but it could’ve benefitted from an extra dash of energy just to give it a tad more variation. That said Debris is a killer and makes this EP well worth buying.


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