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My Musical Influences: Kyrist


Kyrist, residing in South Wales, stands as a revered figure in the realm of DJing and production. Her prowess lies in crafting dark, bass-driven compositions imbued with both soul and finesse. Rapidly ascending to prominence, Kyrist’s trajectory underscores her commitment to exceptional quality, evident through a string of notable releases on esteemed Drum & Bass labels such as Dispatch, Critical, and Hospital. Additionally, her successful foray into the 140 realm with Uprise Audio further solidifies her versatile artistry.

Renowned for her distinctive sonic imprint and meticulous production, Kyrist commands respect within the scene. Demonstrating equal mastery in both DJing and production, her contribution to DARKMTTR manifests in the form of the compelling two-track single ‘Arroyo / NTY’.

Opening the release with ‘Arroyo’, Kyrist unveils a brooding stepper characterized by intricate layers of atmospheric Drum & Bass. The weighty bassline, reminiscent of the classic tech-step sound, is executed with Kyrist’s trademark finesse. Ethereal vocals, tinged with distortion, intertwine with the pulsating rhythm, punctuated by dynamic drum patterns.

Ascending to heightened energy levels is ‘NTY’, where a menacing bassline reverberates amidst rolling drums, juxtaposing the tech-step aesthetic. Unexpected shifts in momentum keep listeners engaged, ensuring a dynamic sonic journey that captivates the dance floor.

This dual-track offering from Kyrist serves as a testament to her commanding presence and exemplifies the sonic palette that has captivated audiences worldwide.

Check out the tracks below and grab them here!

To coincide with the release of ‘Arroyo / NTY’ we caught up with Kyrist to delve a little deeper into the music and sounds that have influenced her over the years…

Photek – One Nation 

I think the first time I heard this track I was so in awe of the dreamy pads, amen edits and space that Photek creates within it. It is one of those tracks I could listen to repeatedly and never get bored; I get lost in it.  

Octane, DLR & Break – Murmur (Break & DLR VIP)

The grittiness of every bassline just hits me right in the feels, for me, it’s got the perfect balance of light and dark elements which creates the ideal atmosphere, everything blends together so seamlessly. I have tried to interpret these basses in my own way and taken a lot of inspiration from this one over the years.

Noisia & Phace – Floating Zero

I remember so vividly when this track was released, I was just starting to produce and I thought wow, Noisia and Phace can simplify everything and still create an absolute banger! Before that, everything I had heard from Noisia and Phace was more on the Neurofunk side of D&B and this track inspired me so much because it showed that stripped back side to them and I wanted to make that sound too.  

Alix Perez – I’m Free

This was my favourite period in D&B, a lot of trends were being set in the early 2010’s and Alix was definitely at the forefront for me. I remember going to the Shogun Audio events at Cable in London and hearing this just thinking this is so sick! It’s rolling with a nice groove but not fast paced, all the basses talk to each other, every snare in 4 bars is different, so many cool elements in this track.   

Total Science & S.P.Y – Magic Hour

Now this one is probably one of my favourite rollers ever. Nothing complicated, it’s just got a super infectious groove that I have more fond memories of; hearing this at Cable for the first time. I think I had this track in my head before I wrote Underfall, my track on Sofa Sound. You can hear the influence there!  

Ed Rush & Optical – Fixation

This track never leaves the box (aka my USB stick), and I think I play it most sets. It’s super tough to pick a favourite track off the Wormhole album, but I think this one wins for me. Just pure funkiness.    

Break – They’re Wrong

I have such great memories of this track; it came out when I was in my first year at university and my friends and I were just listening to and mixing this non-stop. I think it might even be the instrumental parts in this track that capture my heart the most and it made me love Break’s music even more than I already did.  


Dub Phizix – Codec

One of my favourite rolling stepper tunes. It’s just dark; gritty and moody, exactly what you want to hear at 3am in a sweaty nightclub. I took a little bit of inspiration from this one for my new track Arroyo actually. It’s a simple when you break it down and listen to the individual sounds but all together, it makes for a wicked track.   

Konflict – The Beckoning

If I had to pick an ultimate favourite from the Renegade Hardware back catalogue, it would be this one. It’s got so much suspense from those pads in the intro and subtle variations every 16 bars that I take inspiration from when I write techier D&B. I love the amount of energy this track has even though it’s just got one bassline running through the track constantly.  Renegade Hardware events were the first D&B nights I ever went to from about 2009 so this early neurofunk / techstep sound was and still is close to my heart  

Icicle & Nymfo – Franky Mountain

This track was on the first EP I ever bought on vinyl and I played it constantly. Every lunch time when I was at college, I would go down the record store and spend all my money on vinyl, so it’s really sentimental for me! I still play it today as well; it’s one of those tracks that never leaves the USB stick because it doubles so well with tons of other tracks. Icicle and Nymfo in general were super influential for me back in the day and whenever either of them released new music on vinyl, it was a straight buy on site for me! 


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