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My Musical Influences: DJ Limited


Norfolk born-and-bred DJ Limited is a name synonymous with the Drum & Bass scene. Take ten playlists curated by diverse DJs within the genre, and chances are high that his tracks would appear in most of them.

Over the span of a decade, the career of DJ Limited has undergone a remarkable evolution. He’s dropped tracks on esteemed labels like Biological Beats, Playaz, Co-Lab Recordings by Heist, and Serial Killaz, among others. Notably, his track ‘Sun’ has gained over a million streams on Spotify alone, while ‘Elephant’ stands tall as an emblematic one-note roller in the era of ‘foghorn’-influenced jungle tunes.

Boasting a portfolio of more than 200 performances, Limited’s studio houses a container overflowing with wristbands and artist passes collected from his gigs. From electrifying sets at events like Boomtown, Korsakov, and Innovation in the Sun in Bristol, his DJing finesse and production ingenuity have carried him across diverse landscapes.

Having unleashed a series of impactful releases on major labels throughout 2023, 2024 is poised to solidify DJ Limited’s position even further as an integral figure in the Drum & Bass scene.

To coincide with his latest release ‘Hardcore Style’ which drops today via DARKMTTR Records, we caught up with DJ Limited to delve into his mind and learn about some tracks that have inspired and influenced him over the years.

Twisted Individual ‘Hand Grenade’ (Clipz Remix) [2006]

Now, my memory isn’t the greatest, but this had to be one of the first Drum & Bass tracks I heard which sparked my addiction to bass-heavy music. 12/13 years old at the time, and all of my mates had the same clipped-up version with an MC going hard, accurately named “track 04” on their Sony Ericsson Walkman phones, blasting it out of the little portable speaks that came with it. Peak ‘chav’ era. It was a year or two after that I found it was this track name and its Clownstep sub-genre.

TC ‘Where’s My Money’ [2007]

‘Where’s My Money’ was also a first. My brother (Upgrade) introduced me to TC by coming home with this thumper on vinyl. It blew my mind! When my brother wasn’t home, I’d hop on the turntables just to spin this tune while also learning how to mix vinyl. 16 years later, I still gravitate to this tune. Forever grateful. 2007 was also the year I started producing my own music.

DJ Hazard ‘Machete’ [2008]

‘Machete’ was one of those tunes you didn’t know you needed. When I heard this on DJ Hype’s KISS FM show, I knew I had to have it and the EP in my collection. There’s something about the drums, the bass, the militant stomp, the energy it brings and the way it’s put together. I haven’t heard a tune that’s anywhere near the same wavelength as this monster. So, this is why it made the list.

Original Sin ‘Don’t Be Silly’ [2008]

Well… this was a banger. What else is there to say? Another track I had on repeat for many years. After first hearing it in Hazard’s recorded set at Return of the Q and again in DJ Hype’s DnBArena CD (2007), there was no shortage of audio clips. I’d say a lot of Original Sin’s stuff is inspirational but this one will always be top of the list. (pls let me remix this) I’m kidding. Great art doesn’t need changing.

Majistrate ‘Rise’ [2010]

I’m sure if anyone listens to my mixes/sets, you’ll notice I still play this banger out. There’s always been an era of jump up that I like to play in my sets. I’ve been revisiting these years now and then, as I was too young to hear them banged out at a rave. So, since I don’t hear them out as much, I’ll play them for myself with a smile. I’ve never seen it fail to get people moving. Big ups Maji. 

Tyke ‘Buzzards’ [2012]

The creator of foghorn, this track was ahead of its time without realizing the whole DNB scene would follow its concept a few years later. Hearing this with in-ear headphones was petrifying. I’ll paint the picture – headphones in, full blast, listening to Hazards Fabriclive 65 mix, walking home down a dark road on my own.. all of a sudden, BWWWWWWAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHP.. this terrifying horn-like sound came out of nowhere! I jumped out of the road thinking a car was going to hit me, but one was there. Cheers Tyke for scaring the cr*p out of me, but also influencing me later in my career.

D Kay & Intoxicated ‘Thinner Edge’ [2011]

A few years into my jump-up phase, a high school friend introduced me to Liquid Funk (Liquid DnB). Admittedly, my brother also tried to convert me in earlier years with Calibre’s music, but I didn’t take to it till I was older. Liquid opened doors to new ways of writing, for example, note patterns, strings, instruments, chord progression, building layers, and most importantly how to appreciate music from start to finish (I’m a serial flicker). Also, I learned that music doesn’t always have to be aggressive. I fully immersed myself in the liquid world, which became my therapy in life. I even made a bootleg of it back in 2013. I’m sure it’s still on YouTube somewhere.

High Contrast ‘If We Ever’ [2007]

Ha! I remember swapping my copy of DJ Marky & Bungle ‘No Time 2 Love’ on the school playground for ‘If We Ever’, trading vinyl like Pokemon cards. Of course, this was easily one of the best examples of the modern jungle sound (at its time) and still is timeless to this day. Unglued’s remix is also amazing.

Liz-E ‘The Last Time’ [2013]

Continuing from the same friend who loved liquid as much as I did, he also showed me this artist – Liz-E. At the time there wasn’t many female producers. This one slapped. Still slaps, while keeping with that amen break influence and deeper vibe. Top-tier music here.

Skeptical ft. Collette Warren ‘Desire’ [2014]

The memory I have with this track is a personal one. After my school years, I met a great group of older generation Norwich based DJs/Producers. They took me under their wing, also taking me to my first Hospital Event, where I saw/met Netsky and Danny Byrd. Anyways, one of these friends was a guy called J2B (RIP Jonny 2 Bad). He had this huge knowledge of DnB. His passion vibed with mine and he knew the deepest underground music, unlocking a style of Drum & Bass that I didn’t know I’d grow to love. Of course, Skeptical has made some bangers! But this one hits home for me.

DJ Limited ‘Hardcore Style’ is out now and available for you to get your hands on here!

Follow DJ Limited:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/djlimited_/ 

SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/dj-limited202 

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/3lP5t9vfw9VsRG8Q6kDjiL 


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