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My Musical Influences: Dennis de Laat


Contemporary house talent, Dennis de Laat has unveiled his latest new single ‘Someday’ on the long-established and scene-leading label, Glasgow Underground (6th November). This veteran of the global house scene and frequent chart-topper once again shows a masterful melodic touch that connects with fans far and wide and brings something altogether new in the process.

Dutchman Dennis de Laat is a long-established dance music producer best known from his huge version of ‘Sound of Violence’ (the standout tune playing in the club scene in the Hollywood movie, The Social Network about the birth of Facebook). He also played a key role in the Beatfreakz who had a UK chart #3 hit with their rework of Rockwell’s ‘Somebody’s Watching Me’. Aside from these career highlights, de Laat has been responsible for many other stylish and tripped-out melodic releases over the years on influential labels like Spinnin Records, Confidence and Liquid Recordings.

The glorious ‘Someday’ is his latest instant classic and offers real escapism in a beautifully optimistic piece of melodic house music. Built on warm drums that roll on smoothly, its lush chords raise the mood in an instant. After an epic and spine-tingling breakdown, it kicks once again and swells the heart with its feelings of promise, optimism and love. Perfect for cosy home listening or the more emotional moments in a club set – a truly sophisticated sound from this storied producer. 

Glasgow Underground has been serving up the freshest house styles for more than two decades now. From deep to vocal, jacking to tech, founder Kevin McKay has carefully A&R’d it all and made the label one of the scene’s most iconic in the process. From pioneering legends to fresh new talents, they all find a welcome home on Glasgow Underground. 

We caught up with Dennis de Laat to find out a bit about some of the music and artists that have influenced him and his music career.

Moby ‘Go’

When this aired on MTV it was 1992. For me that was the year that house music entered my life. Almost nobody from my high school or that I knew even listened to this music since it was so new and underground. Not long after I heard ‘Go’ I started hooking up my first-bought synth to the Mac Plus that I borrowed from my uncle Patrick. 1992 was a great and defining year for house/dance music. All the music that came out was unique, there was a lot of experimenting and all I did was deliver pizza’s as fast as I could to buy more records in Dimitri’s Outland store in Amsterdam. Very fond of those times!

Der Dritte Raum ‘Hale Bopp’

With house music also came the great parties. One of the festivals I went to for the first time was Dance Valley. Walking around, I happened upon a big tent where Sander Kleinenberg was playing ‘Hale Bopp’. I can still vividly remember when that record dropped. The sound was almost 3D with the hi-hats flying around the stereo spectrum. Such a unique piece of music where the theme is the bassline and vice versa. I have a huge craving to find these types of gems, that is what I go for as a DJ. I’ve chosen the original, but Maceo Plex (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y5EPAuXpEHY) did an excellent remix and it is a bit more slower in BPM to fit the times of now.

Underworld ‘Cowgirl’

What can I say…? My heroes! After all these years and still going strong. I decided not to go for ‘Born Slippy’ which was their biggest mainstream success I think, simply because this record is so genius. All these melodies working together in the end, the rawness of the track itself, and the completely unexpected theme that drops in around 4:10 – brilliant. I just love the drive these guys have in their music; it still makes me jump up and jump around the room. Every time they are here in the Netherlands I go and visit their performances. Should they read this article, you would be my dream act to work with!

Michael Cassette ‘Shadows Movement’

I was actually torn between choosing this or the ‘Stranger Things’ theme. I have recently, like a lot of people, fallen back in love with the 80’s. The synthesizer, the melodies, the drama, the love. I am always amazed what music can do to your state of mind. This is a great song to jump around your room to and make funny dances. Usually our dog Bingo also joins in the fun. I have recently decided to get out more outboard gear so I can be in a proper old school studio environment once again. My own little spaceship, priceless!

Diskjokke ‘Rosenrød’

This is a personal favourite of myself and my lady Susana. We met Diskjokke on a boat party in Amsterdam. This was the first record he played and it was so beautiful! When this track was played it felt like there was no other record that could top it, it was a story in itself. The good will always overcome the bad the record seems to tell you. The best effect this record had was that it opened me up to listening to more melodic music again and adopt a more minimal approach to making music. This track has such tension and release in it, it is one of the most beautiful things I have heard in my life, to be honest. I am a sucker for good endings! 

‘Someday’ by Dennis de Laat is out now on Glasgow Underground. Stream and buy it here