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My Musical Influences: SHADED


SHADED aka Skyler Taugher has a signature sound – a weaving combination of funky, psychedelic vibes and textures His sound is undeniable in character and is breathing new life into the techno house world.

Growing up in Newport Beach, California, he secluded himself in skating, surfing and music since a young age. His production style has constantly evolved whilst trying to stay true to his roots. With previous releases on SCI+TEC and Turbo Recordings, the past few years have played a pivotal role in securing success and longevity for him, and he now ventures on to Matador’s RUKUS imprint with his new EP ‘Below Low’, which marks a new undertaking for the California-born producer. The four-tracker stomper features two originals, with remixes from Vatos Locos boss Hector, and rising talent Russell.

To celebrate the release, we are launching our brand new series – where we ask DJs and producers to give us their 10 big musical inspirations, we also told them not limit themselves to electronic music, check out his choices below and you can also listen to the whole playlist over on our Spotify Channel here.

Shaded says about the selection “This playlist consists of the musical influences and styles that have inspired my creative journey thus far. From my days growing up skating and surfing in Newport Beach, to the illegal raves of San Bernadino, I always gravitated towards a wide array of musical tastes. This playlist is just a peak into the wide variety of musical inspirations I experienced, and the pivotal bands that helped shape me into the musician I am today.”

‘Doin’ Time’ – Sublime One of the first ‘EXPLICIT’ albums I owned. I remember vividly being in the record store with my parents, and my mom saying I could not get the CD. But I begged, and she caved. This track was a highlight for me, and got me into bass guitar.

‘Primary’ – The Cure This record always got me so pumped up to skate. It was like banging a two coffees in a row, always got me overly amped.

‘Hotel California’ – The Eagles – I can’t even remember the first time I heard this track. I was probably like 3 or something. My dad is a musician and he would always cover this on the piano, and his voice was damn near the exact same as Don Henley. All about memories with this one…

‘Next Episode’ – Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg – This is the other “first” EXPLICIT album my mom let me buy. I don’t think she knew what she was letting me buy Ha Ha. But seriously, this album has probably been one of the most influential in sculpting my current musical style as SHADED.

‘Transmission’ – Joy Division – One of a kind, and some of my favorite bass lines ever. I just wish we could have gotten more original material from them…

‘Mommy I’m So Sorry’ – Clipse – The east coast representing. I was a big fan of these guys, as well as The Neptunes. They were a power team, laying down the best raps and beats around for the time.

‘La Femme D’argent’ – Air – This track was another WTF moment in my life. When I heard it, it was like one of those times where you say to yourself, “this is what I have been looking for!”

‘Eple’ – Royksopp – Finding out about these guys was the same feeling I got when finding Air, a definite mind blower. The Melody A.M. album was on repeat for years after release, and it still gives me goosebumps.

‘Space Bird’ – System 7 (Dubfire remix) – Opened my eyes to minimal techno, and lead me down the path I pursue today. Classic right here.

‘Fell In Love With A Girl’ – The White Stripes – Jack White is one of the best musicians alive today. Always fresh, always doing something exciting, and not giving a fuck. True Rock n’ Roll.

You can also listen to the whole playlist over on our Spotify Channel here and you can pre-order Rukus EP which is out on 17th Nov here and SHADED plays Live at Epizode Festival which runs from December 31st to January 10th in the paradise surroundings of Vietnam with Ricardo Villalobos, Call Super, Jamie Jones, Ryan Crosson, Sammy Dee, Nicolas Lutz, BINH, Richie Ahmed and a HYTE Stage.


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