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Music Without Limits: Boys Noize



I’ve been told that to this day you still handle all the demos and A+R of Boys Noize records personally. With the success of your label in recent times in addition to your touring schedule how on earth do you still find to undertake all the A+R that goes with running an imprint?

I don’t know! It’s crazy but true that I still listen to all the demos myself, I love trying to find interesting new artists so for me it doesn’t feel like work. It’s not a chore as finding new music is such a passion of mine. When not listening to demos I do spend a large amount of my time trawling through soundcloud pages or clicking links to discover weird new sounds as for me supporting new talent and the young guys coming through is very important not just for me but the scene in general.

Something I wanted to ask you was about the whole Will.i.am plagiarism business. It appears that he has got himself in hot water for using Arty and Mat Zo’s track for his new single without their permission and if I remember correctly he tried to do a similar thing with one of your tracks several years ago. How did you go about dealing with that?

(laughs) He is crazy. Well I can’t speak about the Arty and Mat Zo stuff as I do not know the details but with my track I just made sure he couldn’t release it. I didn’t want to allow him to use it so we made sure he couldn’t. He’s a guy on that level that if he had released it very few if any of his fans would have known where it came from but for me it was underground electronic music and I wanted it to remain that way.

We’ve seen you recently make the transition to playing live from DJing. What prompted the change and are we going to see you continue to play DJ sets too?

Of course! I love DJing so there will always be a mix of DJing and playing live from now on. For me playing live was an exciting new challenge which was very different to playing as a DJ. I now felt I had enough of my own material to play live from as I’ve got more than 3 albums worth of music to play from, mash up and mix so it was a really fun project to start. It’s not as easy to necessarily transport around the world but it gives me a chance to do something fresh as you can do things in a live set that you can’t do when DJing.

Can you tell us your favorite release from the Boys Noize Records back catalogue?

That’s a very difficult question as there are so many pieces that have been special for the label but I’d have to go with my first album ‘Oi Oi Oi’ as it opened up so many opportunities for us after only a small amount of promotion.

What does the future hold for Boys Noize?

Well I have a new EP coming up which I’m looking forward to releasing. I’m currently in the studio with Gonzales working on a new album together which I think is going to be fucking incredible, I’m really excited about how the project is going as we’re getting darker and more electronic.  I’m also collaborating with Mr. Oizo, finishing remixes for the Pet Shop Boys and Stuart Price’s new album so I’m keeping busy! There is a  lot of variety their but I like to do weird bits  as I love making music. I’ll also be playing lots both live and DJ sets so I’m looking forward to the summer.

Boys Noize’s new EP ‘Go Hard’ EP is out on June 24th via Boysnoize Records. If you want to catch him live in London this summer then head to SW4. More information and tickets can be found by visiting www.southwestfour.com

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