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Music Is Revolution Week Two – Space, Ibiza



Space – five letters and one word long with a Carl Cox inspired event possessing ambitions expanding out of this world. Every Tuesday for fourteen weeks this summer will see Ibiza legend, Carl Cox, bring Music Is Revolution to one of the most global platforms on the planet. Last week, as expected and attended by the majority of Ibiza, the opening party for Carl Cox’s Revolution was near enough a sell out. This past Tuesday was pretty much déjà-vu, just the line-up advertised was slightly different but just as appealing.

On a normal night out in Playa D’En Bossa, the super clubs don’t start getting busy till after midnight however just like last week’s opener, queues mental partygoers were queuing from 10pm like teenagers hoping to jump aboard the newest roller-coaster at Thorpe Park, you had to see it to believe it, it was literally that busy. 

To kick off my Revolution experience, I immediately headed straight towards the sunset terrace for the sunset set of house starlet, Yousef. Firmly in control of his promising destiny, this house maestro has been creating fresh sounds, new developments and unique frontiers for the latter parts of the past decade. Therefore I was intrigued of his capabilities and what he would be like in front of a jam packed Space audience and I wasn’t to be let down. Yousef lived up to expectations roping in an addictive groove and a classic house swing throughout the majority of his set with just the right amount of energy provided in his techno output. Definitely a delight to listen to. He then continued on later that night into the covered terrace.


Accompanying Yousef on the covered terrace was Frenchman Laurent Garnier in an exclusive Ibiza appearance at the Ibiza super club. The widely respected techno Godfather graced the Space crowd with his heavenly presence as he did what he does best, made the entire room dance to his works of art. As well as sending his loyal followers home happy, musical eclecticism is at the heart of Garnier’s passion and commitment to the music industry. Therefore, he displayed a taster of this during his exclusive set in the covered terrace at Space this past Tuesday uncovering rare records and beginning unique trends behind the decks. Despite being a veteran in the game for the past 25 years, Laurent is all about reaching deep down and searching for brand new ideas unheard of before in order to give the world of techno something new to enjoy. His endless enthusiasm sees this artist continue to evolve and oh boy did he evolve Tuesday night. The crowd were swaying from left to right out of the upmost respect for Garnier as he dropped a variety of techno classics including Wake Up and The Cloud Making Machine. It was what I can only describe as simply an honour to witness this wizard behind the decks perform in Space.

Onto the Discoteca room, Tania Vulcano opened up her set and the night in style. As I ventured in between her and Yousef’s performances, it was almost like an audio tug of war pulling my ears in both directions as Vulcano and Yousef battled it out for my musical attention. Having lived in Ibiza for the past ten years though, Vulcano knew how to pull the strings and the Uruguayan had me two stepping away for a good portion of her deep and funky house performance. Criminal Groove gripped several revellers to the dance floor providing them a highlight to remember during their Space experience. Dyed Soundorom followed suit on the Discoteca stage providing another clinical house performance for everyone to enjoy. The atmosphere increased as soon as Soundorom started spinning the decks as he featured various house classics during his set. These ranged from his remix of Maya Jane Coles’ What That Say, Intruder’s house smash hit Amame and a very dark, hypnotic version of Onno’s Paragroove. A very memorable couple of hours from Dyed Soundorom, a name that ravers won’t be forgetting anytime soon following that performance.


After providing the perfect build to the headliner, it was now time for the main event – Carl Cox. A name that your parents will definitely know and even some of your grandparents may have fond memories of back in their primes. Cox is a legend amongst legends when it comes to DJing in Ibiza and so far this season, he has lived up to his massive reputation. Cox set the bar high by calmly beginning his marathon of a set with deep, tech music which led to more frequent up-tempo beats. I raced to the front of the stage to get the best view possible in the Discoteca room and remained glued to the DJ set for as long as I possibly could. As soon as Cox came on however, the dance floor transformed into a large, sweaty human maze and it became almost impossible to move as there was that many bodies trying to get just a peak of their icon. However, this didn’t bother me and in conjunction with the rest of the audience, I jumped up and down to Coxy’s incredible set. Not sticking to a consistent sound for very long, Cox would change it up every so often going from mixing two tracks that you wouldn’t expect to mesh well usually to something completely different which would just throw you off guard – but in a positive way of course. 

Further highlights at Carl Cox’s Revolution at Space included talent from El Salon such as Mikey Duncan and Derek McNee as well as Sunset Terrace wonder Igor Marijuan. Having spent seven of the best weeks of my life on this beautiful island, I have been to some extraordinary events. These vary from I AM HARDWELL at Ushuaia to ViVa Warriors at Sankeys. Each night has been a dream to attend but none so more than Music Is Revolution at Space. I got the opportunity to admire up and coming talent as well as big named DJ’s like Yousef and Dyed Soundorom, not forgetting the larger than life Carl Cox. It wasn’t just the acts that caught my attention either, the aesthetics and production was also a fantastic spectacle as the lighting and even the dancers stood out for me. If you wish to revolutionise your experience in Ibiza, attend Space on a Tuesday. Need I say anymore?

Words: Matty Adams    


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